Do You Need Professional AC repair Or Is It A Quick Fix DIY?

Men Cleaning and maintain his AC also HVAC repair at home

When an air conditioning system receives proper care and upkeep along with regular professional tune-ups, there’s more chance it will operate efficiently and last for an extended lifespan.

The neglected systems tend to experience more significant defects, damages, and malfunction, needing more frequent repairs and much sooner replacement.

You would be surprised at how simple it can often be to repair your AC when you can troubleshoot common issues that plague the system. Being in tune with your equipment from adequate care and upkeep means you can readily recognize when there’s a problem.

Let’s look at a few standard issues that tend to occur with an air conditioning unit and find out the proper fix.

Do You Have A Complicated AC Repair That Requires A Professional Contractor

Not all AC repairs or air conditioner is working but not cooling require professional contractor services or the expertise of an AC technician. Provide adequate care and upkeep of your system, plus enlist an AC contractor’s services for preventive maintenance and ac repair service. Your equipment should run at peak performance throughout the year with minimal need for repairs.

That doesn’t mean you won’t have an occasion where ac not cooling or an HVAC repair problem will crop up. It does mean that with sufficient knowledge of your unit, you’ll recognize an issue and possibly be able to troubleshoot to know if you need a professional home air conditioning repair or must handle a neglected homeowner’s task.

Consider these common problems plaguing AC systems and how they can readily be resolved.

  • Do you have a clogged air filter?

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Regardless of whether you have a central HVAC system or a window AC unit, a clogged filter makes the system inefficient by restricting the airflow and decreasing its ability to cool the space. If the filter hasn’t been changed or cleaned within at least the last 30 days, you’ll need to do so.

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It will then need to be checked more frequently to avoid clogs developing sooner. In a home with pets or an area prone to excessive pollen or dust, these will need changing on a more routine basis. This should be a first check before reaching out to a professional contractor for AC servicing.

It’s noted that many service calls result in the filter being the problem creating wasted time for the contractor and cost for the homeowner.

Troubleshooting can avoid the situation. Find out how to fix the most common AC repairs as a homeowner

  • Is the thermostat set appropriately?

illustration men inside room with window out showing temperature of Ac set to 18 showing

Many AC repair contractors recommend homeowners install programmable or smart thermostats since these allow temperature control for greater comfortability when at home and keep it somewhat higher when no one is there.

When the temperature doesn’t feel right, check the thermostat’s location to see if there’s direct sunlight exposure. This will throw off the system when attempting to bring the space to an adequate temperature.

  • Are the registers clear?
Brown Wood wall with Ac Registers in between. check if its Clean or not and do you need Professional or DIY Ac repiar
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The registers should be checked regularly to ensure these are free of particles, dust, debris, and dirt. You can vacuum these out to keep the airflow free and clear so the system can function efficiently. Another problem that can create inefficiency with the unit is blocking the registers.

Pay attention to long drapes, the positioning of furniture, rugs or floor coverings, and clutter.

If anything is blocking the registers, this will make the air conditioning unit work that much harder to attempt to push the air into the space resulting in stress on the system. That can wear parts sooner and lessen the longevity.

  • Do plants restrict the compressor?

The outdoor compressor with a central air system requires sufficient airflow to function adequately. That means roughly three feet of clear space must surround the unit. Plants, foliage, decor, structures, and everything should be kept this distance away to avoid restricted airflow.

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Additionally, nothing should sit on top of the equipment or hang above it any closer than within five feet to avoid the possibility of blocking the functionality and impeding the system’s efficiency.

Air conditioning set of flat isolated square compositions with people at homes and workers installing conditioners Professional service or DIY vector illustration

Final Thought

Ultimately, the primary preventive measure for keeping the central air conditioning unit functioning at peak performance throughout the warmest season is to have regular tune-ups at least once each year but preferably in the spring and fall. Go here for the advantages of regular AC servicing.

When the AC contractor performs the service, they can find severe defects, damages, and worn or broken parts and make the necessary corrections before these become worse, leaving you with a malfunctioning unit on a sweltering summer day.

When you’re in tune with your system and an issue does arise, you’ll be able to recognize something is wrong and troubleshoot. This will allow a quick check of the common problems to see if you need to make a standard fix or if a professional AC repair contractor will need to inspect to see what’s happening.

Even with adequate care and upkeep plus regular service, problems can occur; it’s essential to take care of these straight away to keep your system functioning efficiently and maintain longevity. For AC troubleshooting

if you are installing New AC Unit make sure to Follow this Guide for Common AC Installation mistakes

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