Proven Pest Control Methods You Should Follow

Pest Control Methods

When we talk about pests, what is the first thing coming up to your mind? Is it the feeling of irritation for what pests cause to you? Or is it the anger because your family suffers a lot from the diseases spread by them? Well, from destroyed crops to an ill child, pests can cause many things. 

It is why you should always prioritize pest control in your home or your surroundings. Nevertheless, you are not here to learn how pests ruin your life but how you can control them. Well, thankfully, we have the answer for you. Here are some different pest control methods that might help you. 

However, expert assistance from exterminators might be more valuable in getting success. Now without further ado, let’s start by knowing the different pest control methods you can follow. 

Different Pest Control Methods to Follow
Old Methods

Pest Control Methods

Pests have been causing damage to humans from the very first day of civilization. And so, dealing with them has always been a practice in every part of the world. Apart from this, we have only been introduced to different methods of this operation. 

Therefore, we must know how our ancestors used to do this and find if there’s any way we can get help from it. If we look at history, we will find that our ancestors used animals that prey on pests. For example, they used cats to keep the rats away from the field. 

This method is still very valuable. Even today, farm owners prefer to keep a cat which keeps mice away from their fields. We can say that it is a pretty cheap alternative to those high-priced pest control services.

The Greeks also used moongooses as another alternative to pest control. These animals were kept inside homes to keep rodents away. So you see, pest control is as old as cultivation or agriculture. The only difference is that the methods have changed and become more advanced and reliable. 

Modern Methods

Pest Control Methods

From technology to agriculture, everything around us has developed. We can’t even think of a world without power at all. Same applies to pest control as well. The modern inclusion of pest control has the amalgamation of both technology and ancient knowledge. Here are the modern ways in which we can control pests. 

  • Organic Pest Control Methods

Pest Control Methods

Organic pest control methods are the safest of all methods used by not harming any other plant or causing any damage to nature. In this process, you use traps or baits to kill or capture pests. For example, you can use rat traps to catch rats in your home. 

The process is simple. You can also use poisons or some sprays as well. Organic pest control methods are also the cheapest. However, they are not as efficient as other methods and can provide quite a low result. Yes! Pests may come back, and you have to run the process again! 

  • Biological Pest Control Methods

Pest Control Methods

Biological methods are safe and more effective than organic ones. In this method, you do not use any trap. Instead, this method uses biological processes to slow or cut down the growth of pests. Biological methods include using natural enemies of pests such as parasites, predators, and pathogens.

With these bacterias, you can not only control the growth of the pests but also kill them. For example, certain bacterias prey on the larvas of mosquitoes in water. Thus, these substances can extinguish all the mosquito larvas while keeping them safe for others. The best part about biological pest control methods is that it is both safe and effective. 

While biological pest control methods are generally used indoors or in greenhouses, you can use them outdoors as well. But it requires proper study and understanding of the type of pest you are dealing with. Therefore, consider seeking advice from an expert. 

  • Mechanical or Electronic Pest Control

Mechanical or electronic pest control methods are another effective way to control pests in your home. It uses modern technology to complete the task. This may use several different methods. The ultimate goal is to keep away pests from your home or plants, either by killing or through other ways.

The two most famous techniques are electromagnetic devices and ultrasonic sound. Electromagnetic devices target the nervous system of pests. However, it only repels and not kills. Ultrasonic sound, on the other hand, produces short-length, high-frequency sounds. Hence, it also keeps pests away. 

  • Using Pesticides

Pest Control Methods

Those looking for a solution for your garden or farm may find pesticides more helpful. These are chemical ingredients that you can scatter around your field. You can also use pesticides in your home, office, or other areas. However, the biggest downside of using pesticides is that they are very harmful. 

These pesticides contain harmful chemicals. If by any chance, these get into your system, you may get seriously ill. Therefore, although pesticides are more effective, it is better to avoid pesticides and find safer alternatives. 

  • Maintain Hygiene

An unhygienic environment can be the residence or food store for the pests in your home. It can welcome pests like cockroaches, rats, flies, and even mosquitoes. Therefore, you should always keep your home and office clean. It will lower a significant number of pests in your home. 

  • Pest Control Services

Professional pest control services like Pinnacle Pest Control can be the best way to get rid of pests. Their expert exterminators know their job better and do it more scientifically. Different pests require different control methods. 

With their professional skill and enormous knowledge, pest control services use these methods to help you get permanent relief from these filthy little creatures. 


Pest Control Methods

From making sick to destroying your properties, pests know many skills to ruin your life. But humans know defense better. Each method has its own plus and negative points. However, it would be the wisest to hire a pest control service for the job. 

With their efficient pest control methods, you can easily get a permanent solution to all your problems and live a happy and peaceful life. 

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