Best Tricks to Remember Lyrics Easily

Best Tricks to Remember Lyrics Easily

For music lovers and enthusiasts equally, the lyrics of their favorite songs are worth remembering. But while performing, even the professionals stammer sometimes.

So if you are trying to cram lyrics of your favorite song for your upcoming audition, recital, or for fun, you could face the same situation at some point. Even when you are learning for fun, knowing the words like the back of your hand leaves a long-lasting impression than having to stop intermittently between each line.

Nevertheless, cramming the lines of songs can be challenging for most of us, but with little effort, you can overcome the obstacles.

So here we will discuss the best tricks to remember lyrics easily. You can deploy these to make it happen for yourself.

Know the Ins and Outs of the Song

You can do this by listening to the track as much as possible. Play the song whenever you have time no matter what place you are. To achieve this you can keep a copy of the track on your mobile, laptop, in the car, or any other instrument.

These include a CD player, an MP3 player, a flash drive that you can insert into any device anywhere. This is the most common and best way to know the words of your music no matter what language, of what length, and difficulty level it has.

Another way to know your song is to write it down. Writing gives you a long-lasting memory of the things you learn. The best way to do it is either to listen to the track yourself and write down every word uttered by the singer or you can take a print by searching online for the lyrics of the songs such as from Lyrics Gem.

Once done, go to a quiet place, where you can focus and there are no distractions, if you are not bothered by the disturbances in your surrounding you can do it even by watching TV or in a park. Once you copy a couple of times, test yourself and compare your writing with the printed text.

Research has established that when we repeat the happenings of the day before going to bed, it enhances our memory. No matter how many times you have rehearsed throughout the day, a repeat before you close your eyes will obviously be better.

Do that and have a good night’s sleep, like sleep and a well-rested body will decrease the issue of forgetfulness and other processes in the body that hinder your learning.

Put Yourself to Test

The next step in becoming the master of your favorite track is entertaining and you will definitely enjoy it. Here, just get a copy original, full song, as well as the instrumental version of it. Sing the original track first and soon after try along with the instrumental version of the track.

This could be difficult initially, as there is no voice of the singer to help you. Here you will have to rely on music cues and move ahead. However, with a couple of repetitions, you will get closer to independence.

Now, study the first line of the track and sing it. This time you should be loud and without any help from the notes you have made. In the next step study the second line and add both lines 1 and 2 this time. Continue this process until you reach the end without looking at the pages.

Or, you can take the page with the words of the track written on it and read a section aloud. Now, turn the page over and repeat what you read out loud before. Can you do it without making a mistake this time?

If yes, it is time to move to the next section and finish the whole piece. In the final step of this method, simply start singing the song in your head. If you hesitate or get stuck somewhere, it is time to have a look at the page.

Remember Lyrics

Repeat this step until you are able to finish it from start to end without having to flip the page. Now you will be able to shout out the whole song without any pause when given a chance.

Make a Connection to the Song

The best way to remember the lyrics for a certain group of people is to visualize them. As you sing or read through the sentences, imagine yourself in the place or the situation. Create a scene and be the main lead, acting according to the lyrics.

This helps you memorize the sentences because you can recreate in your mind what is happening and what is going to happen next.

Another way is to understand what the words of the songwriter are trying to relay here. Sometimes, the meaning is not so obvious, to find out what is actually going on in the story is a good way. Remembering becomes easy when you understand and know the meaning of each word. If you are not sure about a phrase, the internet is your best friend.
Last but not ignorable is the method of attaching yourself emotionally to the track. It is not possible for a song to be emotionless, it is always expressing a feeling or a mood. Focus on the sentences and find out what emotions they are relaying, try to wear those shoes and walk.


No matter what method you use to memorize a song persistence and patience are the key here. Once you relate to the poetry or visualize it, it becomes easy to remember the sequence of verses. Then only, you can recall them at your own will and enjoy the music. So these are the best tricks to remember lyrics easily. Do you use any other method? We would like to know your views in the comments.

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