Free and Best Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

Free and Best Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

Social media is the best platform to promote your businesses and engage with your customers. So, Instagram is one of those platforms that offer an opportunity to promote your products. That is how you can flourish your businesses and also gain some popularity.

That is the reason why Insta is more popular among social networking enthusiasts. However, in order to get an effective promotion, you need to have a huge number of fans or followers on your profile. But unfortunately, that is quite a difficult task to do so.

But you don’t need to worry about that. Because there is an option for you to grow your fans on Instagram much faster than ever with a simple Followers App. So, here, I am going to discuss some of those apps that will help you to get thousands of fans instantly.

How to Increase Instagram Followers?

Before getting into the main topic, you need to know that there are so many ways to grow your fans on Instagram. However, not all of them are useful or safe to use. Therefore, I have made the list very carefully and even these are not fully safe.

But Instagram is one of the best platforms that offer multiple features to grow your fans. You can use hashtags, tag famous users and topics in your photos and videos. Further, you can create IGTV videos to entertain and attract more people.

However, if you are making quality and viral content but still not getting so many followers, then you can use these sources. There are so many people who use these tools more than often which is why they lose their profiles permanently.

Because it is against the policies of Instagram to use such tools. They manipulate the algorithm of the app. Therefore, they do not allow the users to utilize such kinds of apps. However, still, there are certain apps that you can use wisely to avoid such issues with your account.

So, therefore, you must keep a time gape while using these apps to keep yourself safe from getting banned. Further, there are two kinds of tools some of which are free and some are paid. It is up to you whether you want to try out paid ones or free ones.

Here are I am going to share those apps with you. I will share their features and usage process as well. If you are really interested to use them on your phone, then you must stay with us. So, these are some of the best options for you to try out.

Top Follow

Top Follow is a mobile app that you can use to get followers. Basically, it is an auto liker and follower app for Android mobile phones. You cannot have it for other platforms except Androids. Still, it is one of the most effective tools to grow your fans instantly.

Top Follow

It is free to download and use but you need to pay the coins to get its services. This application is offering free as well as paid services for the fans. You will get coins by following, liking, and commenting on others’ posts or profiles.

However, if you don’t have time and want to get coins instantly, then you need to pay the price. There are multiple products that you can buy and use to get their followers, comments, likes, and views. So, it is offering more services along with fans.


InstaUP is one of the oldest yet very efficient tools for Instagram users to get some instant fans. It is not only offering fans, but also you can have the option to get likes, comments, hearts, views, and many more. It is quite reliable as millions of people are using this app.


You will find this app on multiple app stores that are quite famous for Android mobile phones. This is again designed for Android devices and the rest of them are not compatible with it. Here you need to get coins just like the Top

Follow app.

But if you want to earn free coins, then you can also have the option to do that. In order to earn free coins, you will have to sign in with your account and give follow, like, and other services. Later you can pay those coins and get their services.

Follow app


It is another tool that is only designed for Android mobile phones. Even though it is an Arabic app, however, it supports multiple languages. So, you don’t need to worry about that. You just need to switch the language and then use it.


It is also offering free as well as paid features for the users. You can either go with the free resources or buy the premium. Premium is better for you if you are running a huge business because you can pay the coins directly and get services instantly.

However, still, if you are reluctant to pay the price, then you can enjoy the free features. First of all, you will get bonus coins once you will join the app by signing in with your Insta accounts. Then you can use those to get instant services.


Although these are some of the best apps that millions of people are using them, however, still there is a risk. I do not recommend you to use these apps so much rather keep a time gap if you want to use them. But this article is for educational purposes so you must do your own research as well.

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