How To Save Money On Electric Bills

Save Money On Electric Bills

Anyone can benefit from saving a little extra money on their monthly electricity bills, with energy costs seemingly rising everywhere.According to the U.S Energy Information Administration research, the average electric bill of U.S electricity consumers is $115 per month for their services, with states like Hawaii, Connecticut, and Alabama recording the highest averages.

Even saving just a few bucks here and there can add up month after month with some methods allowing individuals to cut their electric bill by 75 percent. 

Keep reading this guide to discover new methods and tips on how to save money on electric bills for a little extra spending money this summer.

1. Consider Installing Smart Lightbulbs

Save Money On Electric Bills


Although installing new lightbulbs will be a cost upfront, it will end up saving you money over the course of its lifetime. According to information on the website, installing light bulbs with the ENERGY STAR stamp on them can save consumers $75 a year on energy costs. 

They also mention that light-emitting diodes (LED) lightbulbs can:

  • Use 25 – 80% less energy
  • last up to 25 times longer

When installing smart lightbulbs, you don’t have to install them everywhere – it’s best to utilize them where you are using the most energy. 

2. Try a New Showerhead

This simple yet effective trick can save energy users on the cost to run water. It costs money to use the hot water heater while taking a hot shower. However, purchasing a new slower-flowing showerhead can help keep those costs down and save you money on your electricity bills as well as the water bill if you pay for it. 

3. Unplug Unused Devices

Save Money On Electric Bills


You may not think anything of the extra phone charger you have plugged in all the time, but these can end up costing you when it comes time to pay the electricity bill. 

  • Your television
  • The cable box
  • DVR system
  • Gaming systems
  • Computers
  • Printers

All of the above can drain what’s called “phantom energy,” meaning even though you are not using them, they are still using energy and adding to your energy bill. The best thing to do in this instance is purchase a power strip, that way you can turn all the devices off at once. 

4. Go For Solar 

Save Money On Electric Bills


Solar energy costs have been dropping for the past few years. According to some estimates, the cost to use solar power has dropped by 89% in just the last 10 years alone. 

Installing a solar power system to power your home, such as that by Blue Raven Solar, can save you money on your electricity costs each month, especially in the summertime. Depending on where you live and how much sun your home gets will determine how many solar panels are needed to power your home.

For Tips and Tricks on How to Save Money on Electric Bills

Following these few tips and resources can help you save money this summer and allow you to save up for something you actually want, or even just to have some extra spending money. It doesn’t take a lot of work to get started saving money. All it takes is a few adjustments around the house, and you will be saving in no time. 

If you are looking for additional hacks on how to save money on electric bills, check out the rest of our blog at Live Enhanced for more information!

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