The Science Behind Aluminium-Free Deodorant

Aluminium-Free Deodorant

Most people use deodorants regularly to feel refreshed – nobody wants to walk around spreading an unpleasant smell to everyone they know. The aroma from deodorants gives the best sensation and helps you eliminate the bad odour of sweat. So, it is natural for buyers to check only the fragrance while buying deodorants. But, when you purchase deodorants, it is important to learn about the ingredients used for the product.

How do aluminium-free, natural deodorants work?

Aluminium-Free Deodorant


More people are looking after themselves these days, and this is great news. Science evolves, we learn, and we get healthier. Today, many brands have formulated their deodorants with organic ingredients, and they avoid using harmful chemicals like aluminium. These natural deodorants have become popular among consumers as they do not cause any adverse effects.

You can find some big differences between aluminium-based deodorant and aluminium-free deodorant. The latter blocks unpleasant odours, while the deodorant containing aluminium causes obstruction of your sweat.

Sweating allows your body to cool down. Our nervous systems activate sweat in our underarms through apocrine glands. The sweat produced by these glands contains a high amount of protein that leads to the growth of bacteria (causing bad odour). Aluminum-free products are plant-based solutions, and when you use them, they attack harmful odour-causing bacteria. That is why you can be free from underarm odour.

Antiperspirants and deodorants are not the same – we repeat, they are not the same. Antiperspirants do not damage odor-causing bacteria. Their aluminium content only alters the natural perspiration process of the body. 

Does aluminium cause harm to your body?

Aluminium-Free Deodorant


Many users have claimed that aluminium causes skin irritation. So, they have made a shift to aluminium-free fragrances. But, some low-quality organic deodorants have ingredients to mask the bad odour that result in itching skin and rash. The best route is to avoid aluminum and stick to high-quality natural deodorants.

You might have heard about some rumours that aluminium compounds in fragrant products are responsible for Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. However, scientific studies have proved that these claims are not true.

Types of ingredients found in aluminium-free deodorants

Aluminium-Free Deodorant


Baking soda is the main ingredient in many products, funnily enough. This is a fact that surprises may, but it has the power to neutralize bad odours and make your skin less conducive to bacterial growth (yay!). Thus, it reduces the risk of unpleasant odours from your armpit and other parts.

Besides, the deodorants have antimicrobial agents to prevent bacterial growth. Lavender oil, tea tree oil, and other aromatic essential oils are used as antimicrobial agents. These essential oils also work as natural fragrances.

The best natural deodorants in Australia contain absorbent powders, such as arrowroot and corn-starch powder. As they absorb moisture, your underarm part remains dry. It reduces the intensity of odour and prevents bacterial growth.

Just to throw some more technical words your way, premium-quality deodorants contain humectants like sorbitol and glycerin too. The idea with these is to prevent dryness and avoid irritation (fancy names, simple jobs!). You can maintain the moisture level by using the right deodorant.

So, it is now clear how deodorants work and prevent bacterial effects on your skin. If you are allergic to aluminium or want to avoid this nasty ingredient, you can buy natural fragrances. Organic deodorants are available in a variety of sweet and pleasing fragrances.

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