Minimalist Living: Excellent Reasons Why You Need a Capsule Wardrobe

“Dress with less and create a life that is full of what matters to you.” –Author Unknown

Over the years, the minimalist movement has gained steady traction among many individuals and today quite a lot of them have seen its benefits. Part of the movement is to pare down your existing closet and live with a capsule wardrobe consisting of only thirty items at the maximum or so.

For some, the prospect of purging closets seems like a rather daunting idea considering they will be effectively eliminating more than half of their sartorial options. But if you actually gave this movement a try, you would see that it can be a truly life altering adventure. Be wary though, this endeavor is not for individuals who are not committed enough and cannot envisage living with a less cluttered and full closet. You have to commit to a more organized life that allows you more freedom with your options and encourages you to focus on things that do matter. You need to worry about not having enough clothes as you will definitely have more options by this time. Getting rid of your clothes to make room for more and better sartorial options may sound like a counterintuitive idea. But with a few choice and quality clothes—whether wholesale urban clothing or retail, you will effectively be opening yourself up to a world of sartorial possibilities.

In any case, if you have given the capsule wardrobe movement a lot of thought, here are some of the reasons that might convince you to finally give it a try:

  • Simplifies your life
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Minimalist Living

Just think about it. With less stuff, you would not have to spend every single morning stressing about what to wear considering you can readily see all of the contents of your closet within one glance. Indeed, living with less is simply much easier and it would be refreshing to know what you exactly have and where it goes.

  • Less loads of laundry
Less loads of laundry

One excellent consequence of a capsule wardrobe is having less laundry to do. After all, you have fewer clothes to rotate within the week so you would significantly cut down the amount of laundry you have to do. A capsule wardrobe can be cleaned in two loads or less. In this way, you would no longer have to wonder where that one shirt went in the laundry piles. You already know what you have and can recognize them when it is time to do the wash.

  • Save money
Save money

Having a capsule wardrobe encourages you to take a look at what you already have and focus less on what you do not. As a result, your urge to purchase more and newer clothes will considerably be lessened. With this, you will start to feel a sort of liberation to be happy with what you already have and realize you never really needed any more clothes and thus save more money.

  • Make it a lot easier to get dressed in the morning
Minimalist Living

How many times have you wasted so much time just staring at the contents of your closet thinking of the right sartorial ensemble to wear? With fewer clothes and a capsule wardrobe, you will effectively cut down the time you waste in mornings just thinking of what to wear. You already know what you love and what goes well together. These are all inside your closet and within minutes you can finish dressing up. There will be no more need for trying on several casual outfits and looking for the best one that looks great. You know every single piece in your closet is already a winner and would coordinate well. Each item is something you love and you feel happy when wearing it.

  • Learn to live with less stuff
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With a capsule wardrobe, you have less to clean, to look at and even less to think about. In a sense, it gives you more room to focus on other more important things in life which give you a better perspective on your wants and needs. As a result, you would soon see adapting the minimalist lifestyle not only in your wardrobe but in other areas of your life as well.

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