Why Your Cat Needs a Water Fountain for Drinking Their Daily Fill

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Cats are snuggly and adorable pets. You always want to make sure your cat is getting enough foods and water. That’s why you need to know, “why your cat needs a water fountain for drinking their daily fill?”. Unlike pet cats, wild cats don’t tend to drink water from the water source that much. They are accustomed to eating raw meat, which is both full of protein and water. Wild cat gets most of their required water from the raw and moist meat. Household cats are different, but it still has some similar traits like wild cats. So they often don’t remember to drink that much. 

That’s why you have to make drinking more attractive. Lack of a proper amount of water may cause a different type of disease and infections related to the kidney. For proper digestion, your cat requires a sufficient amount of water. They often forget to drink water. Moreover, conventional cat foods don’t have that much water in them. That creates a considerable amount of risk of dehydration. It will not affect your cat immediately, but after an extended period of time, your cat will show signs of different disease related to dehydration. 

Why Your Cat Needs a Water Fountain for Drinking Their Daily Fill

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Water fountains attract your cat. Cats are the playful animal they often get interested in moving things. So water fountain will attract the attention of your cat, and it will encourage the cat to drink from the fountain. It will make sure that your cat gets daily required water. They are a curious animal. A water fountain will offer that curiosity to your cat so that it drinks enough water. For cats with ode age and dehydration problem, these top products are extremely helpful. These are the reason for giving your cat a water fountain for drinking. 

Cats like flowing water from fountain instead of still water

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Cat species are accustomed to drinking water frequently. They drink twice or thrice a day. The reason behind that is that they get most of the hydration from the raw and moist meet.  That’s why your cat won’t consume water until they are really thirsty. That will gradually push your cats towards dehydration. Still, water isn’t that much appealing to the cat. As I have said before a cat is curios animal, they need a tempting water source to quench their thirst. 

Still, water doesn’t offer any of that curiosity. Rather in wildlife, most water sources contain risk such as crocodile, snake, etc. that’s why they don’t go there unless they are really thirsty. That wild instinct still exists in cats. Very often you would notice that when you give your cat water in a bowl, it stares at it for a while to check for any danger.  

Falling water for fountain will offer your cat with enough appeal and curiosity to draw your cat near water. As cat possess excellent hearing, the sound of water falling will draw the attention of your cat. It will make sure that your cat consumes enough water.

The fountain will attract your cat to the water source

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This water fountain comes with a variety of colors. These create an appealing look. Water fountain comes with a different shape. Cats will get curious about these shape. Eventually, it will lure your cat more towards the water.  It will also help your cat to quench adequate water regularly. 

These fountains come with easy maintenance. The fountain will consume a very low amount of electricity. 

Good for owners

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Owners who need to go out often for business or office will be benefited from these water fountains. These water fountain will make sure that your cat gets its water properly. So you can easily go to where ever you want without worrying about your cat. The cat will come to drink water as these fountains are an excellent attraction to your cat. It will also serve the cat as a playing thing. These water fountains with various shape will draw your cat near it, and your cat will walk around it or stare at it for a while. It will help your cat to pass times.  But you have to make sure that you change the water from the water fountain every day. You have to change the water to make sure that water doesn’t get dirty or contaminated. 

Many water fountains come with their self-cleaning mechanism, which makes it trouble-free for you to clean the water fountain.

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Healthy for your cat

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Proper digestion requires drinking of adequate water. Water is an essential element in the digestion process of any animal. Lack of water will create a problem with your cat’s digestion process. Moreover, the shortage of water will decrease the functionality of your cat’s kidney. Which will increase the risk of renal and kidney-related disease? Cat is an animal which is adorable, but you can not force them to do anything. You cannot make your cat drink properly by force. These water fountain will attract your cat and make drinking more appealing to your cat. Water fountains are superb for your cat to build a proper drinking habit. 

Keeps your room clean

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Cats often make a mess out of drinking from the bowl. They often make a mess by spilling water. The water fountain has firmly built, which doesn’t allow the cat to spill water. They are easy to clean. Still, waters make it suitable for bacteria and fungi. The continuous flowing water prevents that from happening. 

Cats don’t like to drink that much. These fountains will provide an appealing and attracting source of water. You can find some of these top products online. Buy one and make your cat’s life more joyful and healthy. 

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