Why Solo Travel is Good For The Soul 

Solo Travel

Solo travel can sound scary, dangerous and reckless – and yes, if you do not pre-plan and take necessary safety measures that it can be. However, solo travel can also be one of the most exciting, rewarding and enjoyable things to do in life, and can help you see the world in a completely new light. Here are the following reasons why your soul needs to travel alone. 

What are the benefits of it?

Solo Travel

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Solo travel allows you to learn to do you, from eating alone at a restaurant to navigating directions to different landmarks, you are able to control every activity that you do – which is a feeling many of us have never felt before. You are able to stop and explore anything you wish, without having to compromise to others’ needs and wants. Fancy a lazy day on the beach sunbathing? That’s totally fine – you have no one else to please. During this phase, you are able to get to know yourself better, take some time to breathe, meditate and reset your perspective on life. 

How to say safe when you’re traveling alone 

Solo Travel

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Solo travel is not always the safest, and it is important that you pre-book any trains and transport ahead of time, to avoid unnecessary stress and waiting times.  Research the places you are going to stay and make sure you read all the reviews. Consider speaking to someone else who regularly travels solo, and get some destination and accommodation recommendations. Make sure someone knows where you will be staying and send your itinerary to someone that you trust, such as a close friend or family member. Stay in contact – aim to drop a text or a call a few times a day to touch base. 

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How does it help you to see the world differently?

Solo Travel

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Traveling alone forces you to get out of your comfort zone, and experience things that you would otherwise never get to. You will learn to embrace the feeling of discomfort, and grow as a person. By choosing to leave your comfort zone, you are the most vulnerable you can be and this can change how you see and view the world and any situations that you encounter. Not only can this be a massive eye-opener – it can be an incredible life experience and awaken your soul. 

So, where is first on your solo travel bucket list?

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