How to Take Better Care of Yourself When in Lockdown

quarantine time

Let’s be truthful here; just how many days in a row have you been wearing the same pair of tracksuit bottoms while in lockdown? While there’s no shame at all in living that loungewear life, it is still important to take care of yourself.

There are little adjustments you can make in your daily routine to help improve your wellbeing, whether it is your skincare routine or making sure you get enough sleep. Here are some of the practical ways to do so without having to take one step outside your front door.

Avoid eye strain

eye strain


I don’t know about you, but the amount of time I’ve been spending on my phone has skyrocketed in these last few weeks, and that’s with working from home seeing me stare at a laptop all day long too.

If you find your eyes started to stray in the evening, it might be worth doing some research on blue light blocking glasses. The non-prescription glasses are meant to alleviate the level of blue light we’re taking in all day long, with some brands like Kanturo making frames that luckily don’t look like your parent’s reading glasses.

Anyone who knows they’re spending an excessive amount of time looking at screens should think about it, as they can help your body get back into rhythm when it’s time to go to bed — and speaking of bed!

You’re a reader now

book reading


Even with more free time on your hands and nothing else to do in the evenings, are you having trouble getting to sleep?

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This is mainly due to a lack of inactivity (which I’ll talk about next) and you not allowing your brain to switch off. Not looking at your phone in bed is a hard habit to beat, but being able to ignore it at night and form new habits will prove beneficial.

The simplest way to do it? Replace that spot on the bedside table your phone usually sits on with that pile of books you promised yourself you’d get stuck into. Reading is a tremendously low-key way of alleviating stress and helping your brain power down in the evening. If you can stick with it every night for a few weeks, the urge to use your phone in bed will die away, and you’ll never look back.

Train like a prisoner



Feeling like a prisoner because you’re stuck at home? Then start acting like one… sort of.

There is a trending buzzword for fitness fanatics and gym lovers who can’t get to the gym: convict workouts. These are exercises that improve conditioning in limited space; something we all have right now. You can find these types of workouts on YouTube, and they’ll usually be equipment free.

While you’ll not end up with that perfect summer body when this is all over, if you make it a new habit and give it a go every few days, you may end up wondering if the gym was worth the membership price.

Nail your skincare routine

skin care


If staying at home is going to see you feeling better, then it’s time to shuffle through the bathroom cabinet and experiment with your skincare routine. With nowhere to go, there shouldn’t be a big need to put on makeup every day. This gives us the ideal time to let the skin breathe and get it feeling as fresh and fantastic as possible.

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And remember what I said about forming habits? For any guys out there who struggle with starting and keeping a skin routine in place, buy some sample kits and get those stuck at home with you, who know their stuff, to help you out. There are some brands out there like Clarins, Brincnell and Facetheory which sell skincare sample kits for men. These kits will have samples you can play with to see which works best, whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin. Give it a go, and you might end up with better-looking skin.

quarantine time


Are you trying to improve your personal care routine?

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