Can You Use Old Stuff To Make A Garden In Apartment?

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Gardening is a hobby enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Whether you want to grow food, or simply add some cute plants to your yard, a garden can help. Gardening can also do wonders for both your physical and mental health. You can grow a wide range of different plants, and getting the seeds you need is simple if you use this resource from My Seed Needs.

While most people envision a garden as a large outdoor space, full of flowers, plants, and veggies, gardens can actually come in a range of different shapes and sizes. You can even have a garden inside your apartment.

In addition to that, you likely have a lot of things laying around your apartment right now that would be able to assist in your garden-growing journey. With that in mind, let’s look at a few ways you can use old items in your apartment to make a garden.

Plastic Bottlesold bottle


Whether it is a plastic milk jug or a soda bottle, you likely have a plastic bottle or two lying around. While many of these are just garbaged or recycled after use, why not consider growing a plant in them? Plastic is quite good at holding moisture in, so growing in them will be simple. On larger jugs, you can simply cut one side of the jug off, lay it on its side and then fill it with dirt, water and seeds. You can also stand the bottles upright and cut the tops off of them.

Your options are endless for how you want your plastic planters to look. These bottles come in a variety of different sizes, as well. So no matter how much room you have, this can be an affordable and simple way to grow. Also, reusing these plastic bottles or jugs to hold plants helps to cut down the massive amount of plastic that is wasted in the USA.

Old Shoes or Bootsold shoes


While this might not be a look for everyone, it is totally possible to use an old boot or shoe as a planter. Of course, make sure to patch up any holes or leaks in the boots, to ensure they don’t make a mess. This is, of course, unless the leaks or holes are used for drainage or growth.

The boots or shoes can be painted and fixed up, or can be left natural. While you will generally have to use smaller plants in these planters, they can be incredibly unique decoration for those who enjoy a more abstract approach to gardening.

Egg Carton’segg curtons


Egg cartons are one of the most common recycled items to use for an apartment garden, and for good reason. Because they are segmented, it makes them great for keeping plants separated and able to grow on their own. This allows you to experiment with multiple different plants in the same planter, without them impeding each other.

Cartons are also the perfect seed starter. So if you want to move your plant from your apartment garden to an actual garden at some point, transporting it from an egg carton is easy.

Buckets or PailsBuckets or Pails planting


Another great option for housing your plants in an apartment garden are buckets and pails. They can be made of a range of different materials and can make it easy to create a mobile planter of any size. These can be put on the floor, an end table, or even hung from their handle.

Many of these are strong and durable enough to last you years, and help you grow a wide variety of different plants. In addition to buckets or pails, you can use an empty container that you want. As long as plants have water, soil, the right temperature and the right amount of sun, they can be grown in a variety of different places. So feel free to get as creative as possible.

Mint TinsMint Tins planting


While you might not think something as small and compact as a mint tin would be able to make a great apartment garden, you’d be wrong. While it will only be able to help you grow small plants, flowers or herbs that have shallow roots, it is very easy to use. Simply take the lid off, put some holes in the bottom for drainage, put the tin in the lid so it acts as a saucer, and it’s ready to be used.

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Once this has all been done, it is as simple as adding soil to the tin, adding the seeds, and helping nurture them to grow. This little mint tin garden is perfect for a window sill, a countertop, a shelf or anywhere else in your home that needs a little natural decoration.

In conclusion, we hope the ideas and tips within this article have been able to help you create your very own apartment garden.

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