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Cool Future Gadgets

The future totally depends on Innovations, Ideas, Technology & Gadgets. From DietSensor to Virtual Reality gadgets, We have seen so many coolest gadgets in 2017. Now let’s see the amazing & coolest future gadgets coming in the next years. The technology enables people to save time, cost & change the way of life they used to live. Future gadgets of 2018 or upcoming years are coming with a new approach for our daily things like Mobile phones, Heath, Running, Watch, Cameras, Diet & much more… The Technology gadget makers are waiting to launch their latest future gadgets as soon as possible to cover the market & get you habituated with their gadgets. Therefore, Read the post, Like it & Share it with your “Tech-Savvy Friends” & left your comment for your favorite future gadget.

Bionic Bird

Bionic bird

source: mikeshouts.com

Pocket Projector

Pocket Projector

source: c1.iggcdn.com

Have you heard about Piqo, the world’s most powerful pocket-sized projector? 2 inches were enough to create the smartest projector with a compact, durable and very intuitive design. Wherever you go, you can bring Piqo with you and enjoy its cinematic power and Hi-Fi speakers. Compatible with more than 3600 apps, its 250-inch widescreen will amaze your family and friends during your future Netflix and game nights.

Macaroon Making Kit

Macaroon Making Kit

source: utag.fr

Built-in iPhone Case Projector

Built-in iPhone case projector

source: columnazero.com

Tiny Polaroid Cube Video Camera

Tiny Polaroid cube video camera

source: 9to5mac.com

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The Crock-Pot Triple Dipper

The Crock-Pot triple dipper

source: crock-pot.com

3D Night Light

3D night light

source: aliexpress.com

Macbook Cover

Macbook cover

source: rcortes.com

Solar Powered Battery Keychain

Solar-powered battery keychain

source: sebastianschaper.net

Modding Programmable Tattoo System

Moodinq Programmable Tattoo System

source: youtube.com

Bluetooth Pacifier

Bluetooth Pacifier

source: yahoo.com

Homestar Aqua Planetarium

Homestar Aqua Planetarium

source: geekalerts.com

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

Polaroid Socialmatic camera

source: digitalartsonline.co

Walkman NW-ZX2 Digital Media Player

Walkman NW-ZX2 digital media player

source: youtube.com

French Fry Slicer

French fry slicer

source: tigerchef.com

Bluetoothify Headphones

Bluetoothify headphones

source: cnet.com

Whiskey Wedge

Whiskey wedge

source: stonediesel.com

Crystal LED Earrings

Crystal LED earrings

source: night-ice.com

Cake Decorating Pen

Cake decorating pen

source: babyshowercakes.unicloud.pl

Bag Light

Bag light

source: youtube.com

Microwave Pasta Cooker

Microwave pasta cooker

source: thedieline.com

Personal Pizza Maker

Personal pizza maker

source: boredpanda.com

Smart Earplugs

Smart earplugs

source: wearableinear.com

Wocket Smart Wallet

Wocket smart wallet

source: youtube.com

Store Your Phone Water Bottle

Store your phone water bottle

source: classicexhibits.com

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