The Best Methodology of Body Detox of 2020

How to do Detox

It’s usually very common to see something just go together. For example the Queer Eye’s Antoni and heated debates about guacamole, peanut butter and jelly, no we have influencers and detox teas.

I’m serious though – these days, you can seem to scroll through Instagram or other social media platforms used by influencers without coming across a posting of ads by a celebrity or reality start showing pictures of their most loved slimming tea. The question you might have been asking yourself just like I’ve been doing before now is: what exactly makes up this tea that has got a lot of celebrity vouching for them when it comes to weight loss? What kind of tea are they exactly?

Here is an answer to your question – what exactly are these slimming teas?

These slimming teas are generally called detox teas, as the producers say, they flush out toxins from your body and in a majority of the cases, and they promise these teas to have the properties and ability to burn fat as well as reduce weight. Aside from the benefits, the fact remains that – these people are in for the attention and also your cash.

Research has also shown that in addition to the herbs contained I these teas, they contain specific ingredients that possess some laxative and diuretic properties, as well as some properties that help in suppressing appetite – the most common amongst these, are: the dandelion leaf, the nettle leaf, the senna leaf, etc. in some other types of detox teas, they possess some amount of caffeine which serves the purpose of diuretic.


How to do Detox 2

The detox is diverse and broad, it sometimes associates itself with cleansing features, energy-boosting, and even weight loss. Many people jump into conclusion “it’s unnecessary to take these teas”. They might have their reasons being that our body can take care of itself, with the help of our in-built system for detoxification….The liver.

But while we might commend the liver for all the great job it has been doing, it is doing and it will keep doing when it comes to detoxification, it also would love it if you render a little helping hand. A healthy body tends to have a faster detoxification process. On the other hand, when the number of toxins in your body has gotten deep into your system, the liver becomes sluggish, increasing the chance of having some active toxins in our system for a long-time high. 

This eventually impedes on our normal metabolism and ends up making us sick. Lack of Detox tea or meal as the case may be, also lead to retention of fluid, puffiness and bloat.

How to do Detox 4

The truth of the matter remains that our body might not have the full capacity and strength to fight with the burden which they are currently facing and deal with it. This is because in the society and world at large which we live in today, we are exposed to a lot of toxins – a countless number of them. From chemical in skincare products to pollution to preservatives in the food we eat, excessive sugar also in the food we eat, pesticides, etc. these things have the capability and potential to cause a buildup of harmful substance in the body such as heavy metals as well as lead to chronic inflammation, also throw blood sugar out of whack. All of these problems we face will eventually make us tired, and then sick. It keeps going on and on and even getting worse if we don’t do something about it.

As we’ve already said that our body system is not equipped enough to handle it on its own, we have to enhance the capacity of the body to get rid of this waste and detoxify, and also reduce your chance of being exposed to toxins again.

Although controlling all the chemicals and pollutant which we face today are exposed to today seem impossible, we can make some healthy changes to our diet to help fight against the toxins, support the liver, reduce the inflammation, balance the blood sugar and heal the gut.

All this being said, this is what a detox diet (tea or meal) should do.

Now the next question arises – we are all inquisitive you know……. One question leads to another.


Did You Mention the Detox Tea Helping in Weight Loss, Is That Possible?

How to do Detox 6

To be honest with you, the answer to this question is “yes”. Regular intake of these detox teas will eventually lead to weight loss. The downturn is that the result is temporal. The intake of detox tea only leads to a loss in water or waste. They don’t facilitate the burning of fat which is the main factor that determines a sustainable weight loss.

How Do I Know When I Need to Detox?

How to do Detox 5

Take a time capsule….I’m joking I don’t mean that literally

Take a look back at your life when you feel you were most healthy. Now compare your current state with it then. If you feel like you’ve never had such a great feeling as you do then, then it might be time you do a rethink of what you’re eating and what you need to eat.

Aside from comparing your past health state to the current one, other signs show you need to make changes and start detoxing

  • You’re stressed, depressed, or anxious 
  • You’re always exhausted 
  • You crave sugar and carbs 
  • Your joints are achy 
  • You have trouble sleeping 
  • You experience digestive distress like bloating 
  • You feel spacey or foggy 
  • You can’t concentrate 
  • You can’t lose weight 

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When Detox Is Done Properly, It Can Be a Healthy Way to Help Your Body System

How to do Detox 3

Due to the rate at which our body is being exposed to toxins, we need to find a way to counter them and that’s why we need to detoxify, either with detox teas or we change our diet to detox diet. Any which way, we will be doing yourself a lot of good. That all detail can help you to become healthy and fit. If you want more tips and tricks visit our website LiveEnhanced.

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