4 Tips for House Training Your Puppy

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House training a puppy is one of the most challenging parts of having a dog. It is probably the number one reason why potential dog owners often have given up on taking on dogs as pets. It’s unbelievably messy, incredibly frustrating, and both physically and emotionally exhausting. 

However, for experienced dog lovers, it is regarded as the most crucial stage in training your dog. This is because the house training period is the time you set the rules that they will eventually remember and follow throughout the rest of their lives. 

So for those who are ready to take on this important challenge, here are some tips for house training your puppy.

Be patient 

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When you are house training your pet, be prepared to stretch your patience like never before. Because the truth is, no matter how many times you talk to your puppy or tell him no, he will not always be able to anticipate or hold it in time for the potty. He will miss, you will clean the mess, and then you both try again. But, don’t give up.

Just like in human babies, bladder control in dogs, as well as other faculties, improves over time. And until such time, you have no choice but to be patient. 

Be consistent

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House training is not the time for changing rules or implementing exemptions. Everything has to be consistent because that’s what makes the rules simple enough for your puppy to understand. Pooping outside, good. Pooping inside, bad. 

Despite looking adorable in their dog outfits, resist the urge to cuddle them when they whine or show off those adorable puppy eyes, especially after you scold them for not following. If you give in, this will send the wrong signals, which might undo whatever progress you’ve already had with the training. 

Establish a reward system

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To make house training even easier, you can reward your puppy every time he goes to the potty and does his deeds there. This reaffirms the idea that what he just did was right, and hopefully make him want to go there more.

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Be vigilant about the signs

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Another important tip that will help your puppy get the timing right is for you to notice specific behaviors or telltale signs even before your puppy realizes he needs to go. For example, before they poop or pee, most dogs sniff the floor and start circling a spot. When you see your pup doing this, take him out immediately before it’s too late. If you want to search for more tips to train your dog, beauty & fashion and many more trending topics must-visit LiveEnhanced.


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