Tick Bite Treatment – A Complete Guidelines

Tick Bite Treatment

Tick infestation is one the challenges pet owners especially dogs and cats owners face in their homes. Unfortunately, a tick bite is tricky; it is painless, which makes the victim unaware of the bite. The bite only causes minor signs and symptoms like sore or swelling on the skin, and redness on the bite area. However, a tick is responsible for transmitting bacteria, which cause Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF).  For a tick to successfully transmit Lyme disease, it must be attached to the victim for at least thirty-six (36) hours. Besides, it will take them a few hours, or minutes to transmit other infections.

Symptoms Of A Severe Tick Bite

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The Best Ways To Handle Tick Bite

If you know you are bitten by a tick, carefully and promptly remove the tick with tweezers or fine-tipped forceps to hold the tick as close to the skin as possible.

Gently pull out the tick using a steady upward motion; do not squeeze or twist the tick.

Do not pull out the ticks with your hands; also, professionals do not recommend fingernail polish petroleum jelly  or a hot match to remove the tick(s)

Best Ways To Handle Tick Bite 2

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Seal the tick container and put the container in a freezer; the doctor may want to see the tick if you developed another symptom.

Lastly, wash your hands and the bite area as soon as you are done pulling it off. Also, use soap and warm water, an iodine scrub to disinfect the bite area.

Symptoms Of A Severe Tick Bite

• A severe headache

• Paralysis

• Heart palpitation

• Difficulty breathing

Furthermore, it is essential to call your local health emergency unit especially when you have not pulled out the tick. The longer a tick stays on the victim, the higher the risk of contracting Lyme disease from it. Secondly, when the rash gets bigger; A tiny red bump may appear at the sites of the tick area. However, if the tiny bumps develop into larger rashes; Maybe with a bull’s eye pattern, it may dismantle the Lyme diseases. The rashes mostly appear within three or fourteen days.

Tick Bite Treatment 3

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In addition, see your doctor if the signs and symptoms disappear; you may still be susceptible to the disease. Furthermore, type of environment you live or travel depends on the level of the risk of contracting diseases from a tick bite. Also, how much time you stay out in the forest, wood, grassy areas and how well you protect yourself against ticks.

Other symptoms like developing flu-like signs, symptoms such as fever, fatigue, chills, joint, muscle, and joint pain may be signs of the rash.

Also, consult your doctor when you think the bite is infected; redness and oozing are signs of an infected tick bite. If you are suspect you are bitten by a deer tick, in this case, you will need antibiotics. If you can, bring the tick to you and your doctor’s appointment.

The best way to treat tick bite is to prevent the tick from entering your home in the first place. Your local pest control operator, to shield your home against ticks and other pesky pests.

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