Tips and Tricks to Hassle-Free Office Relocation in Melbourne

Hassle-free Office Relocation In Melbourne

Relocating your office is a sizable undertaking, right from transporting bulky movable furnishing to updating the clients with the new address.

Hassle-free Office Relocation In Melbourne


Moving to a new place present any company with a sea of opportunities to milk the untapped market for business growth.  You’ve made a decisive move which can turn out to be a game-changer in the years to come.  However, it doesn’t come that easy.

But the real headache stands – how to ensure smooth shifting of the entire business, with minimum downtime?

 Ready For The Big Business Move?

Here, in this post, we’ve listed must-know office relocation tips, so scroll down and jot them down:-

Have You Estimated Moving Cost in Melbourne?

Hassle-free Office Relocation In Melbourne


Before issuing a green signal to your employees and senior authority of the organization to initiate moving preparations, determine how much the office move will cost you.

Yes, you won’t be able to determine the exact sum, however, get a fairly accurate estimate of the expenses. One thing to note here is that most of the costs associated with office relocation are not straightforward. It needs a broad extent of research work on your part to figure out what to expect and be prepared to handle unexpected hidden expenses.

It is recommended to obtain more than one quote tailored specifically to your needs & requirements; compare them to have a rough idea of the costs from the local movers in Melbourne. It is best if you request the relocation company to visit the office for presenting a detailed estimate

Choose Your Moving Date Wisely

Hassle-free Office Relocation In Melbourne


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Whether your motive is to save money on your office relocation or wish to confront a minimum of hassles, it calls for you to select the date carefully. Avoid moving on a weekend, as the demand for interstate removalists in Melbourne is significantly high. Similarly, from May to September, most removal service providers are booked.

In a nutshell, you won’t be able to bargain a great deal. In case, if you have the flexibility of deciding on a moving day, reserve your move during the off-peak season to save extra bucks.

Employees Engagement

Hassle-free Office Relocation In Melbourne


Your employees’ active participation is integral when moving to a new office. While moving to a new location may seem like a lot of hassles to them with just about benefits, but positive motivation from the management can create excitement among the staff.

Step 1: Provide Employees with Office Relocation Information Early

Step 2: Write an Official Office Relocation Announcement

Step 3: Show Employees the New Office

Step 4: Decide on New Layout WIth Staff Inputs

Step 5: Organize/Prepare for Move Together

Step 6: Moving Day – Remember to Communicate with the Staff and the Office Movers

Never keep your employees in the dark about the office relocation. It is best if the company sent them a detailed office email, newsletter, or give a brief presentation to announce the big move. Having your people by your side during the moves takes away a lot of burden off the shoulder.

Don’t Make Costly Moving Mistakes

Hassle-free Office Relocation In Melbourne


Under this headline, we’ll be discussing the prevalent blunders businesses make when relocating their office. These mistakes not only disrupt the normal business operations but also loss contributes to loss of revenue as productivity is hampered.

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With that said, here are mistakes to stay clear of

Hassle-free Office Relocation In Melbourne


  • Not Allowing Enough Time before Moving
  • Working with a Moving Company Solely Based on Their Cheap Price
  • Forgetting To Account For Heavy & Expensive Equipment While Planning
  • Not Checking References and the Better Business Bureau

If you are planning to move, make calculated decisions for every little thing to avoid the last-minute hassles and ensure a smooth ride to the new beginnings!

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