5 Tips to Start a Popular Travel Blog

Start a Popular Travel Blog

The topic of traveling is one of the most popular blog categories out there. Now that pandemic restrictions are starting to lift, people are eager to whip out their passports and fly across the globe, and if you are interested in traveling, why not be their guide? Here are 5 tips for anyone that wishes to start a travel blog.

Practice your writing skills

Start a Popular Travel Blog

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While some have a natural flair for writing, others might need some practice in the area. You can be a fantastic academic writer, and master the skill of grammar, but it is important that your writing language is suitable for your audience. Try to start writing some posts and ask for feedback, or find other blogs that have a nice writing style that you can take inspiration from.  

Find a unique name 

The name of your blog is important when it comes to making a good first impression. It should be unique, easy to read and remember, and not the least fit the topic you are writing about. Along with the name, you should also have a nice logo that stands out from the crowd and give new readers a hint about what you are writing about. If you have a hard time coming up with good travel-related names for your blog, you can have a look at the travel section at Domainify to get inspired and even purchase a ready-made name and logo package. 

Get yourself a camera

Start a Popular Travel Blog

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“A picture is worth more than a thousand words”. You have probably heard it a million times before, and there is a lot of truth to it. While a good writing style will make your travel blog higher quality, good pictures are perhaps even more important. Invest in a good camera, and take pictures of everything you see while traveling! Take some time to learn how you can take insta worthy sparkling shots, and give your blog a professional look with great pictures.

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Research: At home or remote? 

Start a Popular Travel Blog

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You could argue that this is the most important part of the entire blog; to have something to write about. The most ideal situation is, of course, to be able to travel all the time and write about real-life experiences. However, this is both expensive and time-consuming, and not everybody has this opportunity. You can very well combine your travel experience with some online research. Why not inform us about the technology that has changed the traveling industry, write a list with the cosiest Christmas cities in the world, or teach people how to make time fly during a long layover?

Recruit help 

Start a Popular Travel Blog

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This last one is a good tip for anyone that has had their blog up and running for a while. Even though you love traveling and writing about it, there can come a time where you are all out of inspiration and need some fresh eyes on the subject. This is where a guest blogger can come in handy. It gives your readers something new and refreshing and allows you to have a break from the writing, only to come back stronger in the next post. 

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