Top 6 Factors that Contribute to Mobile App Development Cost

Mobile App Development Cost

Mobile applications are all over the place, even so, that many experts in the application industry have stated that the saturation point of the app development market is not far off. But that doesn’t mean we should abandon an efficient way of mobile digitalization rather than improve it.

One of the most common questions that comes to mind is ‘How much would the entire process of mobile app development cost?’

To clear out the confusion surrounding the mobile application development cost, there are mainly two things to consider initially the target audience and the requirements of the application.

There is no specific answer to this question, that’s why in this article we will be getting to know more about the main factors on which the cost of developing a mobile application depends.

Key Factors to Consider in Mobile App Development Cost

Mainly, the mobile and web app development cost depends on a number of different factors like the platform selected for the app development, the development approach of the app, scope of the project and many more.

Below are the key factors that impact the mobile app development cost, knowing more about these factors may help you in saving time as well as money:

Content Management System

Content Management System is also known as CMS, whose integration in the application makes it easy to edit and modify the content related to the application. For instance, you will require a CMS instead of a simple database that serves advanced management features.

Also, for using the content management system you require less technical knowledge in comparison to using a database.

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Operating Systems

The choice of selecting an operating system or a specific app development platform is the one that is made in the initial stages of the app development. It basically acts as a foundation base for the entire process in which the project’s architecture will be constructed.

The two widely known OS platforms are Android and iOS. Suppose, you picked the Android operating system for your application development project. Then, the testing phase will end up being longer as there is a wide range of Android smartphones that vary in features and screen sizes.


Different clients have different expectations when it comes to the features of their mobile apps. Features are no doubt one of the essential factors in determining the cost of the app development process. For example, someone might want a GPS location service in their app while the other person might require an inbuilt social media integration.

The more features you add in your app, the more likely it is for your app development cost to cross the budget. So, be specific and precise about the features of your app as you don’t want to make your app crowded.

System Integration

In the case of a highly customized mobile application, it is important that you integrate it with your enterprise system. This integration will further enable your mobile app to access and also edit enterprise-related data. But for this access to enterprise data, you require the third party APIs that can be considered as an additional app development cost.


The mobile apps that are customer-centric may require additional add-ons for boosting up the ROI and enhancing the user experience i.e. UX. Some examples of such add-ons are social media platform integration and in-app purchasing options. But including these add-ons in your application may also contribute to increasing your app development cost of the project.

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Today, almost every mobile app requires you to have a server because features like online booking and chatting have been common in the applications. So, to store the information on these database-related features we need cloud storage services. Clients now have the option to even rent a server instead of paying an upfront cost to purchase a server for their app.

So, these are some of the main factors that lay a crucial role in the mobile app development cost of a project. Now, let’s move to tips that can help you in hiring a trusted and reliable app development company for your mobile application.

Tips on Hiring a Reliable Mobile App Development Company

Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind while looking for a mobile and web app development company to hire:

✓ Ask for their Portfolio: In order to gain a complete insight into the work of an app development company, the best option is to assess their portfolio. The company’s portfolio will give you an idea of their level of innovation in their previous work. The whole idea of this assessment is to find out which kind of web and mobile application is there best project and is it similar to your app requirement?

✓ Evaluate their Work Experience: One of the things to consider while hiring a reliable app development company is the total amount of experience they have in the application development field. Avoid hiring a newcomer company just because they are offering to build your app at a very affordable price.

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✓ Assessing their Communication skills: Because of the fact that the complete process of developing a mobile app requires a time period of several weeks and eve month.  Select an app development company that is able to hold a stable and appropriate communication during the project’s timeline.

The quality of your mobile application highly depends on the level of expertise of the app developers and the mobile app development company that you hire so consider these tips because making the final decision.


A very effective as well as efficient way to accurately determine the mobile app development cost for your project is having a clear scope of your project and knowing what to ask the mobile app development company during the project’s cost estimation.

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