5 Ways a Shovel Can Be a Great Tool for You

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I get it; gardening is your hobby. But what type of shovel would be the most suitable tool for your garden? There are various types of shovels, and all of them help you dig and install plants in your garden. However, some of the types do more than just digging, and they will probably help you with many other outdoor tasks. 

When you go shopping in your local hardware store, the numerous varieties can puzzle you. But not when you already know how to use them for your work. You can go to YardSurfer.com to find out the types of shovels I have talked about in this post. 

Round Point Shovel

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There are round-point shovels that are also known as all-purpose shovels. You can use them to cut into the soil, as well as they are useful in pulling sand off the land and throwing it aside. A round point shovel is a thing you could use while digging your worst enemy’s coffin. It contains a 14-gauge blade and a D-shaped handle, which is also light to carry. But don’t worry, they got enough strength to break through the soil and lift pebbles or dirt away from your land.

Square Point Shovel

Square point shovels are used for lifting and moving materials. With these shovels, you can also smooth the lands after planting trees. They come with a non-slippery handle (it’s a compulsory feature for all types of shovels) and a comfortable grip. You can also use them to remove weeds from your lawn easily that don’t seem to go with little effort. 

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Trenching or Irrigation Shovel

Trenching or irrigation shovels come with a square and narrow blade that you can use to dig deep holes in the ground. That does not mean digging holes will have to touch other plants that are lying around you. You will simply know how to maneuver the shovel to transplanting or removing a particular plant from your garden. You can use this shovel for digging irrigation trenches with ease. 

Drain Spade

If you are looking for a tool that will help you slice through the thick roots or the edges of your garden, you can use a drain spade. With this one, you can also move some compost soil and remove a section of your garden. Though these shovels tend to be lightweight, they can easily help you move heavy soil. And they are also very comfortable to use. 

Scoop Shovel

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Scoop shovels have wide and concave blades with flat tips that you can use to lift and move materials from here and there. You can’t dig holes with it, but whenever you need something to help you with moving fertilizers, leaves, light gravels, snow, or soil amendments, etc., you can use a scoop. They typically measure between 15 by 19 inches and have curves at the sides and back.

Things to Consider While Shopping for a Shovel

Now that you know how many shovels are there, it’s time to find out the things you should search for in a shovel.

The grip and handle

The grip should be non-slippery and easy to hold. Many cheap shovels don’t usually come with a grip, and they also slip from your hand when you are digging. There are various types of grips out there, but the D-shaped grip is the most comfortable to use.

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The weight of your shovel matters as you are going to carry and lift materials with it. Therefore, it should be between 5 and 8 pounds and not more than that. Although the weight of the shovel depends on your strength, you should pick the most lightweight one. Sometimes the heaviest spades and shovels tend to be more durable.


Durable shovels come with 8 to 10 inches across and 10 to 12 inches long forged blades that were hammered after being heated. Inexpensive ones come in plain steel and also don’t last many years.

Here go the 5 Ways a Shovel Can Be a Great Tool for You. Now it’s your turn to list down your requirements and shop for the best one for yourself. In case you have further queries, drop it in the comment box below.

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