What are the symptoms and causes of Vitiligo?

symptoms and causes of Vitiligo

What exactly is Vitiligo? Is it contagious? Is it life threatening? The answer to it is no. Vitiligo is an internal disorder of the body that generates when melanin secreting cells of skin, melanocytes, are destroyed. These cells maintain the pigments, which give our skin, hair and eyeballs color. Loss or damage of melanocytes in certain areas can result in blotched skin appearance, a condition better known as Vitiligo. This can hit any age group, from any gender, race or region.

symptoms of Vitiligo

Let’s know about the symptoms of this disorder:

1) Early onset of hair whitening:

Our hair follicles contain melanocytes which release melanin that give specific coloration to our hair strands. Reduction in the melanin is what causes hair whitening. Hair whitening can be a general issue and may not always be associated with Vitiligo, but the opposite is true.

2) Dissipation of color from mouth:

Discoloration of tissues lining the inner surface of mouth, especially mucous membrane, may initially seem like inception of an infectious disease. But, it may not be the fact. Tarnishing is because of a microbial attack, but Vitiligo.

3) Spotting of retina:

The screen of our eye, retina, has numerous light and color sensitive cells namely rods and cones, respectively. Pigmentation may also be lost from this part. This may be characterized by poor visibility, bad color separating ability, lessened night vision, etc.

4) Patterned patches in body:

The infancy of Vitiligo can be diagnosed by checking for a more symmetrical appearance. This symmetry can follow any of the three motifs: Focal, Segmental or Generalized.

Causes :-

Intake of Dexona tablet in doses prescribed by the physician, along with the already undergoing medication can ease up the situation and grade up the effectiveness of the treatment. The cause of Vitiligo is difficult to anticipate, but wondering what may have caused the problem?

causes of Vitiligo

Here are some:

1) An autoimmune disorder:

Autoimmune disorders is a condition when the body’s immune cells, responsible for attacking foreign particles entering our body, consider the own cells and tissues to be outsiders and lose the ability to distinguish between the both. Thus, the immune cells ambush the non-target homely cells. This might be the reason of vandalized melanocytes, consequently seeding Vitiligo.

2) Inheritance:

Vitiligo can be a result of the gene game. There is a strong evidence of a functional gene association with Vitiligo. Various susceptible genes are now being studied, most of them functioning improperly. However, some false positive reports have also been confirmed. Genetics and Vitiligo may go hand in hand, but the complexity is still unknown.

3) Hypothesized causes:

Some medical practitioners and researchers believe that genetics is not the only cause of Vitiligo. The reciprocal gene-environment action, exposure to sun, stress and hormonal disturbances of thyroid, can also be the mainsprings. Nevertheless, none of these have established the complete truth till date.

Numerous options are available for the treatment and control of Vitiligo in Ayurveda, allopathy and homeopathy. Any additional statistics can easily be accessed from yourhealthsupport.in.

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