What Devices are Compatible with Spectrum TV App

spectrum tv app

Spectrum TV is a popular digital cable TV and Internet service provider. It allows you to watch a large number of channels and TV shows. Now it brings the Spectrum TV App for the smart televisions. You can enjoy the television channels and on-demand TV shows from the app.  You can use the TV app from anywhere in the world by connecting to the internet.

So, what devices are compatible with Spectrum TV App? You will be glad to know that the Spectrum TV app can be used on a variety of smart televisions currently. You can even Spectrum TV app for PC. Keep going through the below paragraphs to know about its compatible devices.

About Spectrum TV App

spectrum tv app

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Spectrum Internet Service Provider offers a free TV app that you can enjoy while using their internet service. Using the Spectrum TV app, you can enjoy television wirelessly on a variety of smart or Android television. Moreover, you can also install the app on Android or iOS smartphones. That means you can enjoy TV channels on the go using the TV app.

There is a large number of television channels and on-demand TV shows on it. You can enjoy up to 250 live channels with more than 30,000 on-demand TV series and movies using the application. The app even allows you to enjoy a good number of TV channels and on-demand shows while connected to a different network.

The Spectrum TV app is well-developed and includes so many functions. It includes a search option to find your preferred channel or show with a few clicks. You can also filter live channels sorting by category, title, channel number, and some other things. It even allows you to produce a modified guide by setting favorite channels.

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Key Features:

spectrum tv app

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  • Watch hundreds of free TV channels and on-demand shows.
  • Use your phone or tablet to change, record, delete and modify channels.
  • Set parental controls to keep your kid safe from adult shows or channels.
  • Works on both Spectrum Internet and other types of cellular data.
  • Filter TV channels by channel number, category, program titles, etc.
  • Find favorite show or channel by title, actor, or team name.
What Devices are Compatible with Spectrum TV App

The Spectrum TV application is designed to offer you a portable TV experience while on-the-go. However, you can get a better TV experience by integrating the app on Smart or Android TVs. Here are some of the Smart TV where you can use the Application:

  1. Amazon Fire Tablet
  2. Roku Smart TV
  3. Samsung Smart TV
  4. Apple TV
  5. XBOX One

Interestingly, you can use the Spectrum TV on almost all the smart Televisions that operates on Android 5.5 or upper versions. You will also require a decent internet connection to watch the TV channels and shows without any buffering issues. Apart from the android operating system, here is some other compatible operating system:

  1. Android Devices with Android 5.0 and Up
  2. iOS (Apple) version 12 and up
  3. Roku, Third Generation or up
  4. Apple TV, fourth generation or up
  5. Windows 8.1, and 10
  6. Mac OS 10.12 or up

As per the developer, the Spectrum TV application will require at least 10 Mbps internet connection. It is recommended to use a better internet connection to enjoy an enhanced user experience.

How to Use Spectrum TV app for PC?

spectrum tv app

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You can also use the Spectrum TV app on Windows or Mac computer easily. The entire procedure is extremely easy and you will not require any app download for doing so. You will need to follow the below guide to use the Spectrum TV app on PC.

  1. Go to watch.spectrum.net from your computer browser. (Preferably Chrome)
  2. Now sign in if you already have a Spectrum account. You can also create a username from there.
  3. Once signed in, you can begin watching any television channel or TV show directly from the browser.

As you will be able to stream the TV and video shows, you don’t need to download any application. Moreover, you can use the TV app from any operating system including Mac, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, and others. You will require a username for installing the application in this way. Here is how you can create a username:

  • Begin with log into your Spectrum Account (the one that you use for the internet).
  • Now go to “Account Management” and then to “Manage Users”.
  • Now you will find the “Add New User” option. Click on it to create a username.
  • Add the user by entering the required information and permission level.
  • You will be done when there is a “Success” message.

spectrum tv app

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The Spectrum TV App can be a great way to enjoy televisions and on-demand TV shows wirelessly. You can watch TV free of charge using the Spectrum App.

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