14 Summer Nail Designs of 2018 To Enhance Your Nail’s Beauty

nail designs 2018

Nail painting is an art. That means to have mastery over need you need more practice and that too spring nails. I know to achieve that salon like nail look may be a little hard but not impossible. Think about the bright side, you’ll save a lot of money that you can spend on shopping.

We all know that Nails are to girls is what bikes are to boys. Nails and nail extension can make any dull outfit new.  Nail art is not just about painting your finger, it’s a way how you take care of yourself. And this is the reason girls want their nail to always on fleek, but on fleek nails cost you bucks. But worry not!! We are here to show you how you can get fabulous nails without going to nail salon. But let me tell you one thing that this won’t be easy but the result will be super easy, uber cool, funky nails.

Girls is time to bring out the inner artist because “Life is too short to have naked nails”.  So, here are some spring nail nail designs 2018 that you’ll enhance your look the Live Enhanced is inspiring lives to have a better living.


14. Citrus Squeeze Nails

Citrus Squeeze nail designs 2018

source: polishmesnazzy.com

13. Desert Cacti Nails

Desert Cacti nail designs 2018

source: youtube.com

12. Dotwork Nail Design

Dotwork Summer Nail Designs

source: pinterest.com

11. Hawaiian Flowers Nails

Hawaiian Flowers nail designs 2018

source: reynalive.com

10. Palm Tree Nails

Palm Tree nail designs 2018

source: fundamentallyflawless.co.uk

9. Pineapple Nail Design

Pineapple Summer Nail Designs

source: amberbaltics.com

8. Pool Reflection Nails

Pool Reflection nail designs 2018

source: youtube.com

7. Purple Galaxy

Purple Galaxy nail designs 2018

source: youtube.com

6. Rainbow Blur Nails

Rainbow Blur nail designs 2018

source: twoje-paznokcie.pl

5. Stained Glass Nails

Stained Glass nail designs 2018

source: stylesgap.com

4. Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nail designs 2018

source: falexx.com

3. Watermelon Accent Nails

Watermelon Accent nail designs 2018

source: dahlianails.com

2. Classic Red Nails

Classic Red nail designs 2018

source: dahlianails.com

1. Color Blocked Subshine Nails

Color Blocked Subshine nail designs 2018

source: reynalive.com




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