18 Unique Birthday Cake Designs For Girls & Boys

Unique Birthday Cake Designs

18. A Pirate Ship Cake

A Pirate Ship Cake

source: sugarcraft-india.blogspot.com


17. Airplane Birthday Cake

Airplane Birthday Cake

source: cakecentral.com

16. Batmobile Cake

Batmobile Cake

source: cakesandcupcakesmumbai.com

15. Beats Headphones Cake

Beats Headphones Cake

source: pinterest.com

14. Beep! Beep! Transportation Cakes

source: cakecentral.com

13. Carousel Cakes


Carousel Cakes

source: cheriekelly.co.uk

12. French Themed Girly Girl Cakes

French Themed Girly Girl Cakes

source: pinterest.com

11. Fun Animal Birthday Cake

Fun Animal Birthday Cake

source: cakesbybecky.blogspot.com

10. Jungle Book Party Cake

Jungle Book Party Cake

source: petspa.us

9. Millenium Falcon Cake

Millenium Falcon Cake

source: flickr.com

8. Number Cakes

Number Cakes

source: growbakerun.blogspot.com

7. Over Sized Giraffe Cake

Over Sized Giraffe Cake

source: pinterest.com

6. Safari Themed Animal Cake

Safari Themed Animal Cake

source: littlebcakes.com

5. Superhero Cake

Superhero Cake

source: bakealous.com

4.  Tiki and Luau Themed Cake

Tiki and Luau Themed Cake

source: cakecentral.com

3. Winter Babies- Peppermint Themed Cake

Winter Babies- Peppermint Themed Cake

source: wilton.com

2. Woodland Themed Party Cakes

Woodland Themed Party Cakes

source: justcallmemarthaa.blogspot.com

1. Winter Wonderland Cakes

Winter Wonderland Cakes

source: pinterest.com

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