10 Reasons You Should Be Using Propane for Your Energy Needs

Using Propane for Your Energy Needs

In today’s world, energy costs have gone through the roof (especially if you’re using electricity-based energy sources). Thankfully, there is a solution to your energy and budgetary needs: propane gas. Propane is one of the most affordable, safest, and versatile energy sources that are widely available in today’s marketplace. Here are ten reasons you should be using propane for your energy needs: 

1. It’s Affordable

National fuel prices have risen in terms of oil, but propane gas is quickly becoming one of the most affordable energy sources that exist. Especially when compared to electricity costs, propane is much more affordable. If you’re looking to save on your monthly energy budget, the easy, affordable switch to propane gas (and the setups that you’ll need) can come in highly useful. 

2. It’s Highly Efficient

Using Propane for Your Energy Needs

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Compared to many other energy sources out there (especially electricity), propane is highly efficient. Propane is typically up to 95% efficient if you’re using a normal setup. If you go the extra mile and get a tankless water heater propane setup, you can achieve a whopping 98% energy efficiency rate. The efficiency does wonders for the environment as well. 

3. It’s Versatile

Many people assume that propane is used solely for heating purposes. However, this could not be further from the truth. Most appliances, cooking setups, and more can be powered using well-crafted propane tanks. If you have a hot tub, or if you own a camper, the energy possibilities propane offers are even more versatile. Looking into the appliances in your home, and how they can benefit from propane, is highly recommended. 

4. It’s Portable

Using Propane for Your Energy Needs

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 Because propane is stored in tanks (in liquid form) it makes it easy to deliver to practically any location. Whether you’re looking into small propane cylinders for individual appliances, or large, whole-household propane tanks, propane’s portability will make installing the energy source much easier than you’d expect. When you decide to move homes down the line, the portability of propane will impress you once again. 

5. It’s Safe

Despite what many people assume, propane has no risk of explosion. You have to heat propane to absurd temperatures before it will explode, making it an incredibly safe energy source. Because propane is so safe, you can use it in any environment or atmosphere, without worrying about any safety issues. Safety is often key in many homeowners’ minds, and propane can provide the sense of security that you’re looking for. 

6. It’s Locally Sourced

Using Propane for Your Energy Needs

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Unlike most oil sources, propane gas is almost exclusively sourced inside of the USA. More than 90% of the propane on the market right now is harvested within America. If you’re looking for an energy source that’s less dependent on foreign oil and resources, propane is one of the best options available. Once again, this translates to propane being much more affordable than oil. 

7. It’s Plentiful

Because propane is so much more plentiful than oil, it’s becoming a serious candidate for replacing gasoline. While this may be a bit further down the horizon, you will be more prepared for this switch if you familiarize yourself with, and invest in, propane now. As the demand for propane becomes higher, the increased production of the gas will make it that much easier to get ahold of. 

8. It’s Blackout-Proof

Depending on what state you live in, power blackouts have become much more commonplace. Because propane does not rely on the electricity grid, propane-powered homes are completely blackout-proof. If you want to secure your family’s access to power in these uncertain times, propane is the exact solution you’re looking for. 

9. It’s Clean

Using Propane for Your Energy Needs

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Propane burns in a hyper-clean, safe fashion. While propane leaks are incredibly rare, they are also easy to clean up and are not toxic. If a sill happens on your property, it will not cause toxic effects on your soil or water tanks. For those that live out in the country, this attribute will prove especially attractive. 

10. It’s Eco-Friendly

Because of all the qualities we’ve discussed above, propane is much more eco-friendly than almost any other gas-related energy source out there. If you’re looking to save the environment at the same time that you’re saving your bank account, you need to invest in a quality propane gas setup.  

Make the Switch to Propane Today

Because propane gas tanks are so easy to set up, and due to their incredible versatility, you can get your home switched over to a propane-based energy setup in no time at all. To help save the planet, your pocketbook, and your home’s longevity, making the switch to propane is an absolute must

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