What are Some Important Features of Dunlopillo Mattresses?

Dunlopillo Mattresses

Dunlopillo mattresses offer users an amazing sleeping experience. They use only top-end technology and materials to design and develop their mattresses. This has made Dunlopillo mattresses comfortable and durable. They use eco-friendly latex to make their mattresses which offer several benefits, ensuring that you get to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

What Is an Eco-Friendly Latex Dunlopillo Mattress?

Dunlopillo Mattresses

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An eco-friendly latex Dunlopillo mattress is made with layers of latex foam. These mattresses are durable and offer you great comfort when you lie on them, irrespective of your body shape and size. Latex is made by extracting and refining the milk-like sap from the rubber tree. As the main material used to construct Dunlopillo mattresses is natural, these premium mattresses are also eco-friendly.

Advantages of a Dunlopillo Mattress

Dunlopillo mattresses offer you multiple benefits that play an important role in ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Help to Relieve Your Pain

Dunlopillo Mattresses

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The natural properties of the latex foam in Dunlopillo mattresses help in softly cradling your body, especially the shoulder and hip area. The gentle cushioning and support ensure you get pressure relief at your lower back and near the joints. This is extremely important for those individuals who have joint or back pain. Additionally, the natural elasticity of latex ensures that your spinal alignment is natural by giving support to your neck and back.

Dunlopillo Mattresses Require Low Maintenance and are Hypoallergenic

Dunlopillo mattresses are made with natural latex, which has antimicrobial properties. They repel microorganisms, which makes them perfect for those people who suffer from allergies.

Dunlopillo Mattresses are Eco-friendly

Dunlopillo Mattresses

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In all their mattresses, Dunlopillo use natural latex that is extracted and refined from the milky sap of the rubber tree. It is a hundred per cent natural and biodegradable material. As they use only natural materials, their mattresses will not cause you to suffer an allergy.

Dunlopillo Mattress are Breathable

Natural latex foams open cellular structure allows constant airflow. Furthermore, the foam layers of the mattress come with pinholes, which further improve its breathability. Therefore, if you are looking for a cool mattress, then our natural latex mattress should be your first choice.

Dunlopillo Mattresses are Durable

All Dunlopillo mattresses use premium materials including natural latex. It ensures long-term comfort. The average lifespan of such mattresses ranges from 15 to 20 years. The durability of Dunlopillo mattresses can be attributed to the natural resilience of the rubber that can bounce back once the pressure of your body is removed. Therefore, they can retain their original shape, even after years of use.


Buying an eco-friendly Dunlopillo Mattress helps in ensuring that you get a peaceful sleep. Although the initial investment is a bit high, its high durability, the amazing comfort it provides and the various health benefits it offers are more than making it up. If you want to know more about our products, their sizes and price range, call us now.

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