5 Life Hacks to Kiss Your Chronic Neck Pain Goodbye

Neck and back pains can be irritating to outright depressing. Such pains prevent you from carrying out your day to day activities in peace. Neck pain is as a result of among many other factors, sleeping and sitting in the wrong posture, injuries from sports, lifting heavy loads and lack of exercise. A poor diet that lacks essential minerals such as vitamin B12 and not drinking enough water has also been associated with neck pains. There are various remedies for neck pain relief that can help you ease off these pains. Better still is to try and avoid the pains altogether. Here are a few hacks you can use to relieve yourself the pain or avoid it altogether. 

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Apply Heat on the Affected Area

If you have been sitting on your desk all day, you will probably experience some pains on your neck due to craning and having exerted a lot of pressure on your spine. Instead of taking pain killers, you can use a natural remedy. Take a small sack and fill it with rice or wheat. You should then heat this bag in your microwave for a few minutes just to warm the bag. Make sure the bag does not get too hot to burn you, but only warm enough to stimulate your nerves and muscles. You can then apply this bag on the affected area.

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Take Time to Stretch

In your exercise routine, take time to stretch your neck muscles. With a rolled-up towel or cloth, place the towel around the neck. Get hold of both ends of the towel and pull while resisting with your neck. Hold the position for 10 to 20 seconds and repeat like three times. This stretching helps relax your neck muscles and relieves pain and also helps you get a good posture.chronic neck pain - take time to stretch

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Avoid Sitting for Too Long

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This hack is a preventative strategy. When you are in the office, at home or driving a long distance, avoid sitting continuously for more than one hour. The strain sitting puts on your back is extended to your neck. Try and take breaks after every 35 to 45 minutes to relive your back of this pressure. You can also take this time to stretch and take some deep breaths.

Find the Right Sleeping Posture

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Often times, we wake up with neck pains unable to twist our necks or even swallow food in the morning. These pains are as a result of sleeping awkwardly. The best sleeping position is one in which your neck aligns with your spine. Ideally, you are supposed to sleep flat on your back with a pillow supporting your neck in the right position. Sleeping on your stomach, using thick pillows or sleeping on an even surface misaligns your spine leading to these pains.

Drink Plenty of Water

When you experience neck and back pains, it is usually the discs that interconnect your spine that is inflamed. Lack of water can cause this inflammation as there will be no lubrication. Try and drink the recommended two liters of water every day and eat healthy and juicy fruits. When the discs are well lubricated, they remain in proper alignment and relives a lot of pressure on them.

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Have Your Neck Massaged

Once in a while, or if it is possible every other day, get your neck massaged and do so neck exercises. Massage will help you relieve pain if you are already suffering from it, or prevent the pain altogether. Professional massage therapists will help remove salt deposits that accumulate when you sit for a very long time.  Neck exercises strengthen your neck muscles cushioning them from minor injuries especially if you are active in sports.

chronic neck pain - Have Your Neck Massaged

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You Can Use an Ice Bag

Apart from using heat to relieve pain, you can also use ice especially if you get injured during physical activity. If you get a swelling on the neck muscles, you can place an ice bag on the affected area and let it rest for about 10 minutes. Cold temperate restricts blood flow from the swelling and helps reduce it, thus preventing inflammation. Always use ice in an ice bag to prevent frostbites on your skin.

chronic neck pain - You Can Use an Ice Bag

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