5 Ways to Improve Your Body Endurance and Stamina

Whether you’re an athlete, gym buff or a bodybuilder, having endurance and stamina is extremely important for you.

Even the average person needs these two athletic qualities for the routine tasks like playing with the kids, gardening, washing the car or practice dance routines. In a nutshell, stamina and muscle endurance empower you for daily workouts, activities, and sports. Though stamina and endurance are interrelated, they are not the same things.

Stamina helps you sustain prolonged physical or mental activity. Endurance is an ability to remain active and withstanding the “trauma” for longer. For example, if you have good stamina, you can run long distances. And endurance means you can cover that distance withstanding pain and tiredness.

This is why you need to get the better of each one.

Here I have rounded the tips that will help you meet the best of both worlds.

1. Minimize Your Rest Time Between the Sets:

Improve Body Endurance and Stamina 1

Taking rest is important in between the sets for muscle recovery. The ideal recovery time is 30-90 seconds. However, if you are looking for building endurance, cut short this resting time. In other words, take a break only when it is not possible for you to do it anymore. You can enter a series of movements being composed of 15 squats, 15 pushups, 15 pullups, and 15 situps. Do three sets continuously, without taking a break if possible.

2. Prefer Compound Movements over Isolation:

Improve Body Endurance and Stamina 2

Isolated workouts target a specific muscle group or joint. For example, bicep curl specifically targets biceps.

Compound exercises target multiple muscle groups and joints. For example, push up is a great compound workout as it nearly targets all the muscle groups of the torso. A deadlift is another great compound workout as it involves the hips and knees as the body gets forward to pick up the weight. Compound workouts are more effective for your stamina and endurance than isolated workouts.

3. Mix Cardio and Strength Training Together:

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Doing cardio based workouts may prevent you from building muscle endurance. The key is here to combine your cardio with strength training. For example, you can do pull-ups after performing a bench press and then run for a mile. And repeat the procedure. Or what about doing a jump rope workout followed by squats, overhead press, and sit-ups.

4. Do Hybrid Workouts:

Improve Body Endurance and Stamina 4

As the name suggests, hybrid workouts are the combination of the multiple workouts that go well with each other. They let you work over more muscles at once in a shorter amount of time. Hybrid workouts take your compound workouts to the next level as they let you do several compounds moves together. The previous point tells you about the role of compound workouts in building stamina and endurance. With hybrid workouts, you can maximize those benefits. They not only help you burn calories, but also build functional strength.

5. Do Plyometrics:

Improve Body Endurance and Stamina 5

Plyo workouts are known for their explosiveness, intensity, and quick movements. Good thing is that they help you build both strength and endurance. These workouts involve a lot of hops and jumps, which benefit your body coordination. Some of the best plyometrics workouts are broad jumps, weighted lateral jumps, lateral box jumps, and plyo pushups.

And Don’t Forget to Assess Your Endurance and Stamina…

So these are the ways to improve your physical endurance and stamina as well. However, it is important to evaluate them weekly to know if your fitness moved toward a new level. To assess your endurance, you can do the squat or the sitting tucks test. Count your reps. And push up is a great way to test your stamina. Do as many as you can without taking a break.

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