7 Incredible Household Hacks With A Glue Gun

Glue gun hacks
When you can do a common thing in an uncommon way; you will command the attention of the world.
-George Washington Carver

A glue gun is more than an adhesive-shooting handgun. Period!

Creativity can be redefined with the help of a glue gun and a desire to innovate. This small, negligibly dangerous gun can be used for so much more than just sticking two objects together. Yes, you must keep it away from kids because they might get hurt.

Glue gun hacks

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The mechanism of a glue gun is pretty simple, i.e. the glue stick is inserted in the back, or the top (depending on the model of your glue gun), and the filament in the gun heats the stick until it melts. The pointed tip enables precise usage; however, you must not touch the tip when you are using the gun, as it may burn your fingers slightly.

Glue gun hacks

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As already mentioned above, you just need a working glue gun and a knack for creativity to create amazing pieces. Read ahead to know about some popular household hacks that you can practise with a glue gun:

Marble and Mat

Glue gun hacks

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Do you want to make your own welcome mat? All you need to find are some soft-surfaced, flat marbles, rectangularly-shaped thick fabric and a glue gun. Arrange the marbles irregularly on the fabric and glue them on. Yes, that’s it! The mat is done. You can use any type of material for the surface as well as the base.

The Book Support

Glue gun hacks

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Do you have a book-shelf at your place? Do you get irritated that your books fall on either side whenever you take one out from the lot? Why not make support structure for both the sides and keep ‘em steady? Use a cardboard box and arrange pebbles or any other material of your choice in a pyramid shape and glue the pebbles together. When it dries out, take them out of the box and place them on either side of your books. Isn’t this a creative approach towards making an appealing book support structure?

Wall-support Makeup Box

Glue gun hacks

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You don’t always have to purchase an expensive vanity box to keep your make in one place. Use the small, empty boxes (containers) at your place, stick them together and stick the largest one of the wall. Each container space can be used to store a different makeup item. Yes, making your dressing tidier is this simple!

Cap coaster

Glue gun hacks

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Are you a green living supporter? Do you know how you can reduce your waste generation habits? The following two hacks will show how going green can be practiced with ease. Use the spare bottle caps that you have and stick them together. All you need to take care of is the size of the caps, and the coaster is ready.


Glue gun hacks

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Similar to the above tip, stick the wine bottle corks together, and stick the board on the wall. You can use typical thumbtacks for the board. You can even use that board as a floor mat because corks absorb water very efficiently.

Creative Refrigerator Magnets

Glue gun hacks

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The pointed tip of a glue gun allows you to use it like a pen, and yes, the ink is the glue stick. You can write quirky words with it on a non-stick surface (to prevent the glue from sticking to the surface) and them pull out the alphabets when they are dry, paint them in your favourite colours, add a small magnet at the back, and use them to hold your photographs & notes on your refrigerator. Sounds amusing, right?

Unique painting designs

Glue gun hacks

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You may be wondering how you can use a glue gun to create unique painting designs, right? So, here’s the way: use the glue gun to create abstract designs on the roller brush and let it dry. When it is completely dry, dip the brush in your favourite colour and paint your walls, t-shirts and whatnot. You will be amused to see the designs which can be created with a glue gun.

Don’t use a glue gun for all the object because somethings require a movable or more strong material to hold them together in one place and ensure flexibility as well. In cases like those, use dog clips, cable ties, netting clips and other such tools to make sure you don’t damage the surface or prevent the correct way of sticking them together.

Glue gun hacks

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Now that you have learnt many glue gun hacks, you must try them out and share your experiences in the comment section below. Also, let us know about more hacks that you invent with your creative mind!

Glue gun hacks

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Be creative! Be smart! Don’t overdo creativity!

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