7 Ways to Make Your Lingerie Drawer Cluttered-Free

Kawaii lingerie

Sometimes it is so difficult to have an organized, clear, and clutter-free drawer/closet for lingerie and underwear. There are times that everything is mixed up; underwear, cute bras, lace bra, and others are all in one place which can be an eyesore.

Kawaii lingerie

Whether you have a spare room or just hoping to make it work with limited wardrobe space, having an organized, clear, and clutter-free drawer/closet for lingerie can help to have a productive day ahead. You do need to worry how to be organized on this department because there are some tips from the experts such as Sofyee on how to organize your lingerie drawer. Check them below:


Create enough division

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You do not want to hunt for your bras and underwear every morning just to find what to wear. You can have some bra organizers in the drawer and just some personalized cardboard organizers for underwear. In this way, you will have a perfect organized division for your undergarments.


Let it dry naturally

Kawaii lingerie

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After washing your bra, ensure to let them dry by hanging them on hanger. Another method is lay flat them to dry. Keep in mind not to throw your bra on the dryer because it will destroy the cup and its elasticity.


Decide which lingerie you should keep or toss

Kawaii lingerie

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This is how it works:


You should definitely toss those worn out bras. How do you know if it is time to let them go? Do it by fitting them once again. First, clasp the bra on the loosest hook and move it while stretching it. If you feel like it is loosing on the tightest hook and straps would not be adjusted, then it is about time to let the bra go. You need a replacement now.



Kawaii lingerie

Always keep a one black  and nude bra. These bras are good for everyday use. It is recommended that you have at least seven bras on rotation for your daily use. You can also keep some themed-lingerie such as Kawaii lingerie according to occasion. In this way, you can wear something if something comes up unexpectedly. It pays to be prepared way ahead.


Store your favorite lingerie in one place

Kawaii lingerie

Using compartmentalized organizer, you can now store your favorite bras and underwear according to your preference such as color, type, and occasions. This method will help you organize more your lingerie cabinet and drawers, plus you would be able to distinguish your favorite ones. Lastly, you do not panic at the last minute if you need on important events in your life.


Fold your lingerie properly

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It may seem impossible to fold women’s underwear. All you have to do is take one of its side and just fold it in. you can do the same to the remaining side. After that, fold its bottom part and you are done. However, bras should be stored lying flat just like what you see on lingerie shop.


Use a molded-bra organizer

Kawaii lingerie

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To keep the longevity of your lingerie, you should keep in perfect form. This is why you need a bra organizer. Take advantage of its perfect shape that would store your bras carefully. This bra organizer is the best place for your underwire and padded bras.


Emulate the vibe and look of your favorite lingerie shop

Kawaii lingerie

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For women who have spare space such big drawer and spacious wardrobe, you can hang your bras on each hangers in such a way that you imitate the display on your favorite lingerie shop. We all know that lingerie can take up minimal space and so you might want to consider a separate cabinet that has horizontal bar inside, letting you hang both bras and underwear in sets.

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