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Massage chair therapy

Nowadays the popularity of receiving massage treatments has been growing significantly. A good massage is very essential for those people who routinely stretches their physical limits through movement such as running, cycling, hiking, swimming, dancing, tennis and other racket sports, strength training and aerobics, or who uses their bodies strenuously.

However, many individuals do not feel comfortable in going to a fitness parlor or do not want to take off clothes in front of a stranger. So the technology now offers other possibilities such as massage chair.

A massage chair is a chair specifically designed to apply pressure and relaxation to the muscles. A typical massage chair has many massage therapies ranging from deep tissue, Swedish, shiatsu, reflexology, and even acupressure. It contains internal electronic motors and gears designed to massage the person sitting in them. They also have some form of controller to vary the type, location, or intensity of massage.

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The most common type of such chairs are the Shiatsu and Swedish therapy chairs. Shiatsu chairs use pressing, sweeping, patting, rolling, and rotating movements whereas Swedish chairs use long gliding strokes and kneading motions. Whether you like a full body massage or prefer to target a specific area, these chairs are a practical alternative for receiving frequent fitness therapy.

There are a number of wonderful and positive benefits to receiving chair therapy. Let’s start with the first one.

  1. Many people do not feel comfortable in going to a masseuse, for them this chair is a good option. A massage chair provides a convenient method to receive the positive benefits of massage treatment without the embarrassment. Now you can get massage in the privacy of home, along with convenience and time efficiency.
  2. You can now receive massage at your home or office on a regular basis.
  3. Nowadays most of the people are living under stress. A good fitness therapy counteracts the effects of stress on the body. It helps in relieving the tension through relaxation. It also provides relief from tension-related or eyestrain headaches.
  4. A fitness therapy helps to stretch out the muscles which relieve the aches, pains and soreness. It offers a way to relieve minor aches and pains in the body.

Massage chairs provide you great access to periodic treatments. Perhaps one of the best things in life is getting a full body massage treatment. If you like massage therapy, then you must definitely go for a massage chair as it will certainly provide you unsurpassed convenience.

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Massage Recliner Chair

In these turbulent times, a massage chair is the perfect counterbalance. We are under more stress these days than ever before. Stress causes the body to react in a self protection mode. This readies the body for action. The body is ready for action but most situations there is no physical release. Stiffness in the body will result. This is where a massage chair can help to relieve stiffness in your body.

Comfort is the hallmark of any recliner. These therapy chairs use top grade materials with a choice of grain leather or synthetic leather. These recliners tend to be very plush and soft. They come with motorized controls for the chair back recline and leg rest. This helps you to stay in a relaxing position while giving you total control of the chair. The design of a massage chair takes into consideration your comfort in order to maximize your relaxation.

There are many interesting designs, models and styles. There are many models that are contemporary in design. These contemporary models may resemble more of an executive chair then a traditional recliner. There are a few that look like a traditional recliner, but not many. Then there are the industrial designs that that are very tough to fit in with most people’s decoration. But, don’t worry, you will find one that’s perfect for you.

One of the most important features that you should consider is convenience. You have 24/7 access to your massage chair whenever you need it. You do not have to make an appointment or have to travel anywhere. Just sit back and when you are symptoms act up, you can take immediate action to relieve them. You can grab an effective five minute massage anytime. This is perfect before exercise or after. Try a five minute massage just before bedtime to help you sleep better.

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The economics of a massage chair are quite interesting. Yes, these chairs can be expensive. But, on the other hand, so is getting regular massage therapy from a masseuse. The real benefits of the recuperative properties of massage are when it is received on a frequent basis. You want it when you need it. If you look at a $3000 therapy recliner, it should have a life of 2000 hours. This is the typical benchmark for this level of chair. Now, the $3000 model is the equivalent of 2000 hours of massage therapy. This comes out to $1.50 per hour of massage therapy. Obviously, the cost of labor is much higher than when a capital asset is employed to do the same type of work.

Massage chairs can be a great compliment to your overall health and fitness program. It helps to relax the mind and helps to relieve aches, pains and discomfort in the body. It is available on your schedule and not somebody else’s. A few minutes of massage here and there throughout the day or one long massage can be very relieving. This is important to have the flexibility of getting a massage when you need it the most. A massage chair can be one of your best assets in these most stressful of times.

What’s great about massage chairs

Most people have never used a massage chair and have no idea how they function. They have been around for years and are very sophisticated machines in the form and shape of an arm chair. Many of them are produced in Japan.
It is really great to just sit in the chair and get the massaging.

Inside the chair there are a number of motors, often 4-6, and a computer program that runs the program you choose. The whole body can be massaged within 20 minutes, sometimes less and sometimes more.

What kind of massage can you get? Let me give you some examples.

Air arm massage is a feature on some massage chairs. This is especially great to relieve weariness from the arms which are working restlessly for operation of a personal computer or a cellular phone, during works, domestic chores, leisure and so forth. The air massage mechanism is provided on the armrest and it will move naturally with the change of the body angle caused by the reclining movement. In this way the stiffness and strains in the wrists and back of hands will be relaxed thoroughly.

Depending on how the backrest is set, the function of the arm massage will work differently. The backrest can be in an upright position, slightly reclined and completely collapsed.

The air massage option is also available for the lower part of your legs. It massages with repeating cycles of compression of the muscles in an oblique direction and releasing. This stimulation assist an important function, to return the blood to the heart.

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