AKINATOR Unblocked Games- Everything you need to know about

AKINATOR Unblocked Games- Everything you need to know about

AKINATOR is a game, hardly be a person whose name will be forgotten. Its name is very different. If someone has not played it, and then easily forget it, but after playing, you can say with sure that you never forget the name of the game. This AKINATOR unblocked game is launched by a French company whose name is a little bit similar with this game ELOKENCE. Nowadays this game is available in every windows mobile and windows system.


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This new game is made up of old games of children, which is that there are 20 questions and some of few questions will be asked by the anchor. And then predictions will be about which character you are thinking about. This is a super game and you have to play this game with your friends. If your friend is thinking about any great or popular person then AKINATOR will find it in only 15 questions if your friend is thinking about a no popular person then it will ask some more questions with you.

How to start this game?

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First, a player has to think about any popular or no popular character and game will the AKINATOR guess the character from 20 questions whom you thinking about. The first player has to click on the menu (play) and then start answering the AKINATOR’S questions truthfully. And then AKINATOR tells you the correct name of the character.

You may also be wondering how anyone can have your thinking. This is a sole purpose game and it has been made only for this.

When the game is finished, and the user ANIKATOR unblocked tells the correct answer about the character you are thinking, then you have to upload an image of that character in the game. You do not have the picture of the character you think about in the game then you have to click on send a picture and follow the next instructions for uploading that picture.

If you have a picture of that character but you want some other picture of that character then click on suggest a picture and again follow the instructions. Then you have to follow the next instructions for uploading that picture. The new picture you suggested and accepted by the moderator.

If you want to add a character in this game you can add them. But the character should be a public figure and you also want to modify the existing name of the character then click on suggest a new name. Then the user asked a question to the player why he will change the name and tell something about the character.

After the game finished and AKINATOR is not able to reach that character’s name then you have to add the name of that character in the database.

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The secret of this game

Now time to talk about the secret of this game. This game is used the limuli program which is published by the ELOKENCE.com. the algorithm which is used in this game is original by this game development country. This algorithm is the secret of this company and they don’t disclose it.

AKINATOR-Unblocked-Games-Everything-you-need-to-know-about6source: en.akinator.com

How to unblock AKINATOR GAME easily?

 There are many methods to unblock this game but in this article, we read about only two possible ways:-

  1. Remove URL from the host file
  2. Unblock by using 4ever proxy website

Remove URL from the host file

 If a player uses a window system then there is a host file which is an operating system file which has hostnames to IP addresses. If you do not understand by the host file then you have to search on them.

There are some steps to change the URL from the host file

  1. You have to run notepad by using the administrator privilege.
  2. Then you have to open the host file located
  3. Then checked first that there is AKINATOR website is listed or not. If it listed then deletes this line and then save the file.

Unblock by using 4ever proxy website

All people know that everyone can unblock websites by using proxies and VPN. You don’t use VPN here because you do not have permission to install any additional software on the system.

There are some steps to unblock by using 4ever proxy website

  1. You have to go first on the 4ever proxy website.
  2. Then you have to write AKINATOR website URL there.
  3. Then click on the go to continue.

This is all about your favorite game. If you don’t play this game till now DOWNLOAD it and INSTALL it in your windows system.

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