Five Reasons to Avoid DIY For Emergency Plumbing Situations

Avoid DIY For Emergency Plumbing Situations

DIYs (Do it Yourself), as the term suggests are methods to allow individuals to repair or build things without the help of a professional. There are various videos and blogs available on the internet that include instructions for a project to help individuals follow them to achieve the desired result. DIYs have gained popularity in recent years and they are hard to miss. However, despite the instructions available on the internet, there are a few things that people should not try to DIY given the nature of these tasks.

5 Star Plumbing may seem a simple task according to the internet and since plumbers can cost anywhere from $50-$150 an hour, people prefer fixing a leak here and there themselves. However, at times, this attempt to save money may cost them more. This article will follow through with the reasons to avoid DIY for emergency plumbing. However, before that, let us determine the possible emergencies that cannot be fixed with a DIY.

Don’t do It Yourself, Call a Professional

Avoid DIY For Emergency Plumbing Situations


DIYs at times may worsen the situation, especially if one does not have much experience with plumbing. Even if the problem feels like an easy fix, it might not be as simple. Here is a list of reasons to call a plumber instead of DIY.

  • Safety Reasons:

The rusted nuts or pipes can cut through the skin and cause a possible infection if the proper measures are not taken. As the plumbers are well-aware of the sharp edges and possible safety concerns, they will be prepared and will avoid the said issue. 

  • Proper Analysis of the Problem:

Avoid DIY For Emergency Plumbing Situations


Plumbers will first analyze the plumbing system; understand the core of the problem. Diagnosing the problem requires a level of expertise and experience. If the problem is not diagnosed properly, it will not be fixed at all. You should always have an emergency plumbing service in your contact to handle such situations. 

  • Proper Plumbing Tools:

Plumbing tools can be expensive given their specific purpose. It may be difficult to have even the basic toolset at the home. Even if there are tools available, there is a chance that the tools will still require experience to work with.

  • Lack of Knowledge of Pipelines:

A plumber will know the pipelines and plumbing system of the house, hence it will be easier for him to not only diagnose the problem but fix it too. Not everyone is aware of the pipelines and it is best to call a professional instead of trying to fix the issue without knowing about it fully.

  • Make the Problem Worse:

Avoid DIY For Emergency Plumbing Situations


The clogged pipe might seem like an easy fix but if the issue is something else, it might make the problem worse. The draining solutions may also damage the pipe if one is not well aware of the products. This will not only not solve the problem, but also make it a lot worse 

There are times when assistance of a professional plumber is not required, such as cleaning a clogged pipe. However, some things require more than just tightening a few loose screws or cleaning a pipe with solutions or tools. This may include things such as low water pressure, running toilets, leaking faucets, broken pipes, etc.

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