12 Common Causes of Plumbing Emergencies At Home

plumbing issues

Plumbing emergencies can be a nightmare in any household. A broken faucet, clogged drains, leaking water heater, or a pipe burst can create havoc, especially at night. If not addressed immediately, some of these issues can considerably damage your home structure.


While you may alter issues like a clogged sink yourself, many other plumbing emergencies are best handled by a qualified plumber.


From leaky faucets to low water pressure, the certified technicians from Clover Services can fix your plumbing problems throughout Northern Virginia and Washington DC.


Let’s learn about 12 plumbing emergencies at home, their causes, and how to deal with them.


Clogged drains 

plumbing issues

source: brickunderground.com

A drain can clog for any reason and get extremely messy and frustrating. Human or pet hair is the most common cause of such clogs. Before calling a plumber to clean the drain, you can try household solutions like chemical cleaners or drain augers to unclog the drain yourself. However, if the drain is still unclogged, call a qualified plumber to handle the emergency.

Clogged sinks

You may have suffered a clogged sink many times in your bathroom or kitchen. The water draining slowly can be frustrating, but it isn’t an emergency. You can try the household solutions mentioned earlier to unclog the sink. However, if the sink drain refuses to release any water, you may have to call a plumber to fix it.


Clogged bathtub

plumbing issues

source: waterworkplumbing.com

Hair strains and soap scums can jam your bathtub and make it difficult for you to shower. Try fixing it yourself using chemicals, screws, etc., and if the problem persists, call a plumber.


Leaky faucets 

The constant dripping sound from a leaky faucet may be the last thing you would want to hear, especially during nights. Apart from producing an annoying dripping sound, leaky faucets can inflate your water bills and facilitate rust formation and mold growth. Leaky faucets are a common plumbing issue in households with older fixtures. The wear and tear of original faucets can loosen them up to allow leaks. Unlike other plumbing issues, leaky faucets are difficult to fix without the help of a plumber. Thus, you may call one as soon as you find a leaky faucet at home.


Leaky water heater 

plumbing issues

source: servicemasterdallas.com

Old water heaters and sometimes even new ones can start leaking and dripping. If you find a pool of water under the water heater, see water dripping from the surrounding water pipes, or hear the sound of water dripping from the water heater, the water heater is likely leaking.

Depending on the exact cause of the problem, you can repair or replace the entire water heater. For example, you can repair a leaking valve, but replacing the heater is the best option if it is more than 10 years old or has a lot of rust accumulation. In any case, your plumber will thoroughly review the system and offer the best solution.

Leaky dishwasher

If the water inlet valve of your dishwasher gets damaged, it can allow the water to overflow and leak out of the dishwasher. It may also hamper the cleaning of your dishes because of inadequate water in the dishwasher.


Remove the bottom plate at the front of the dishwasher, and check the water inlet valve to make sure it’s leaking. When leaking, turn off the water supply and immediately replace the leaking valve with a new one. You may need to hire a qualified technician for this job.


Burst pipes

plumbing issues

source: mrplumberatlanta.com

You may have faced a burst pipe issue in winters when the water freezes inside, expands, and causes the pipe to crack. However, water pipes can burst due to many other reasons, such as the pipe’s age and material. The water spilling from the pipe can cause significant damage to your walls. It’s an emergency plumbing situation that requires assistance from a technician.


Leaky washing machine hoses 

In a washing machine, several large drain hoses connect the water tank to the pump and the pump to the external drain pipe. These joints usually start to leak over time as the hoses lose their elasticity. Over time, they become brittle and prone to cracks or holes.


No hot water

plumbing issues

source: indeepplumbing.com.au

As funny as it may look in movies, standing under the shower, all covered with soap, running out of hot water is nothing less than a nightmare. There may be a water heater breakdown, electrical hiccups, or a plumbing issue. Whatever may be the cause, only a skilled plumber can attend to this problem immediately.

Low or no water pressure

Many things can cause low water pressure. Tree roots, earthquakes, or poor shovels can cause leakage in underground water lines, resulting in low or no water pressure. The underground pipe repair is not a DIY project. Hence, you may need plumbing services to fix the problem.


Sewer backups 

plumbing issues

source: restorationlocal.com

Uh, the messiest plumbing issue to deal with! Sewer problems can cause untreated sewage to flow back into your home through toilets, bathtubs, and kitchen sinks. It’s a nightmare that is difficult to deal with and expensive to treat. However, it’s an emergency plumbing issue because if not tackled in time, sewer backups can pose serious threats to your health and safety.


Gas line repairs

If you are not aware, a plumber can also fix your gas lines. Leaking gas can pose severe threats to your safety and health. Therefore, call a plumber as soon as you suspect a gas leak in your home and surrounding.


When to call a plumber

When facing plumbing issues, it can be tempting to DIY and fix the problems. While you can repair a few minor problems with the help of household solutions, other plumbing emergencies can worsen if not addressed by a qualified technician in time. However, calling for emergency plumbing services may attract significant charges, but those charges will always be less than the expenses you may have to incur for repairing extensive water damages. It is best to consult a plumber as soon as you experience a plumbing issue in your home.

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