The 26 Best Wall Paint Colors For Your Bedroom

wall paint colors for your bedroom

If you are looking for the best wall paint colors for your bedroom walls, then you have reached the right place. With the hundreds of color shades that can suit your bedroom walls, you can choose the best complementing color for your room. At muse design you’ll see the most trending bedroom designs with stunning wall colors.

On the off chance if you are unaware of the color shades available in the market for your house design Dubai or that are in trend nowadays then I am here to list the best 26 bedroom wall colors. 

You can choose the trending color that adds an interesting essence to your life and pop up your whole bedroom. 

Best Wall Paint Colors For Bedroom– Have A Look!

wall paint colors for your bedroom


1. Pale Pallet

Don’t think over its name. Pale doesn’t mean a dull shade. This color looks more inviting in your bedroom. This clean and soft tone of color looks perfect in sparkling light. Your bedroom will look cool & appealing with this color shade. 

2. Peach

A bit darker rug with peach wall paint looks exceptionally appealing. This combo will make your room stand out. You can pair this color shade with blue or mint green shades. It will make a creative statement for your bedroom.

3. Light Lilac

A pure calm and comfortable color that looks exclusively stunning. This light and smooth shade makes your room look spacious. You can also pair this shade with white, yellow, black, or any other desired bright color. The options are endless with this calming finish.

4. Pale Beige

The best decorative color with a subtle, warm, and healing feel. This versatile shade makes your room look neat and clean. It creates a wider & airy space with a bright and elegant interior. 

5. Marigold

wall paint colors for your bedroom


The perfect yellowish shade that looks stunningly attractive with blue & green accent pieces. It links more with decorating assortments with subtle shades of white and grey. 

6. Pale Blue

A perfect beach-inspired color. It makes your walls look soft with oceanic tones. You can add some stylish art pieces on the wall painted in this color. For people who love oceanic beauty, this color is perfect. 

7. Light Grey

A graceful color option. With the soft, icy feel. This elegant grey shade can be paired with gold tones of color to make your space more inviting. An olive or jade color palette and accent wall would work wonders to create a visual masterpiece with this tone.

8. Cream

A soft color shade with a slushy feel makes your room clean & finished. This color is both darker than white, you can pair some unique bright color assortment of this color. 

9. Beach Sand Theme

wall paint colors for your bedroom


For those who like a muddy look, bring this color to your bedroom. This sand color (light yellow) is an excellent choice for the bedroom wall color.

10. Mint green

A cool and fresh color that brings a soothing effect to the eyes. Paint the walls of the room with color to make your space cool and calm. This hue is elegant, smooth, and bold enough to make people look back. You can mix this color with brown and black without having to complement your furniture. 

11. Warm brown 

Adds a luxurious and noble appearance to your home. You can accentuate this color with golden accents and edges. This warm tone can really create an extremely noble and comfortable atmosphere. 

12. Sky blue 

Sky blue has always been loved by people. People like to see cool blue shades around them. This color makes a statement and flows with space. This color can be used with bold tones, lighter tones, and any color in between. 

13. Navy Blue 

wall paint colors for your bedroom


You can use this navy blue hue to create a perfectly balanced space. It can be used as a key wall, exuding a bold and charming atmosphere. It is suitable for white, gray, and yellow, and accentuates the space by drawing attention to dark colors from a distance. 

14. Blush pink

A cream and elegant beige will help to blend this space together. It is light, soothing, and creates a tonal anchor for the furniture and decorations you choose to add to the bedroom.

15. Purple Dream

The word dream in the title should be good for your bedroom, right? Light purple is calm and seductive. It goes well with black or brown, so you can choose the perfect decorations and furniture for space according to your personal preferences when you redecorate. 

16. Green 

The bright color is very eye-catching, and it will make you feel happy just by looking at it. Whether it is a child & bedroom or your bedroom, if you need to be fashionable, fresh and full of energy, then don’t hesitate to choose the bedroom wall color. 

17. Cranberry Red 

It is bold and stylish. Matching black, white, brown or even neutral decorations in the bedroom will look great. Make an accent wall, or paint the entire bedroom in this color.

18. Emerald Green 

wall paint colors for your bedroom


Your bedroom will stand out. It is rich, comfortable, warm, and at the same time triggers a feeling of happiness. It matches perfectly with white or brown and is the perfect background for your unique artwork.

19. Bright White 

Nothing looks cleaner or more attractive. In addition, it is one of the bedroom wall colors most suitable for creative thinking and spirit. This is your canvas, you can choose other works/decorations to highlight bold, bright colors. 

20. Sage Green 

Sage is a great choice for ceilings, borders, or entire bedrooms. It is relaxing, elegant, exciting, and helps to open up space. Match it with different shades of brown to capture the outdoor feel in the bedroom. 

21. Sparkling Silver 

Monochrome color is perfect for hardwood floors, dark wood furniture, or bright blue decorative walls. It truly creates a clean and elegant living space.

22. Violet 

This is a good choice for those who don’t want to dominate the bedroom. It is light, calm, and suitable for lighter tones. You can paint the entire bedroom in purple, or paint several key walls in purple to connect the space together. It is very subtle and applies to layers. 

23. Bold Black 

wall paint colors for your bedroom


This is the epitome of elegance and fashion. Black paint, headboards, accent walls, and small white borders on the floor really make your bedroom separate from the rest of your home.

24. Creamy Yellow 

Every time you enter the bedroom, creamy yellow will make you feel happy and warm. The walls pop up, and you can add colors to help balance the brightness of the darker tones of curtains, lights, and furniture. The bedroom looks like something from a magazine. 

25. Slate Grey

Add some brown furniture, warm plush carpets, and dark brown ceiling fans, and your bedroom will look like a magazine.

26. Tan 

If you want to maintain balance in your bedroom, this is a perfect choice. Paint the opposite wall in tan and add accent walls in navy blue or dark blue to increase the touch. You will love this finish and how bold your bedroom looks.

Final Verdict!

wall paint colors for your bedroom


Now you know about the huge range of colors to choose from for your bedroom. Select the appealing color that makes your bedroom more inviting & appealing.

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