The Best Cartilage Earrings Trends to Invest In This Fall

Cartilage Earrings Trends

Cartilage earrings offer the best style statements in the world of fashion. Cartilage earrings is a broad term used for a piece of earring worn anywhere else other than the lobe. Cartilage piercings are difficult to heal and are more painful than usual lobe piercings. 

Usually, there are differences between cartilage piercings and lobe piercings. A thinner gauge bar is used to make the ear piercings than the ones used for lobe piercings. 

Cartilage piercings are also done differently from regular ear lobe piercings. Mostly cartilage piercings must be done with a needle instead of a piercing gun. A piercing gun will shoot an earring using force through the cartilage, and the resistance it offers in return causes trauma to the surrounding cartilage. 

A hollow needle is used to puncture the cartilage, and then a cartilage earring of your choice is inserted inside. A cartilage piercing almost takes three months to heal, and any form of trauma can make it longer. 

There are different positions of cartilage piercings, and if you are planning to go for cartilage piercings, you must learn about your favorable positions. And you get more ideas at Live Enhanced.

Positions of cartilage piercings

Cartilage Earrings Trends


The tragus is the small protruded area of the cartilage.

Rook is the highest ridge of your inner ear and links the ear bottom with the innermost ear segment.

Helix is the upper folded part curling up on the topmost part of the upper edge of the ear.

The auricle is roughly the area opposite to the ear canal opening on the outside.

Inner conch is another cartilage ear piercing position and is present just below the snug piercing position.

Snug is the area opposite the tragus location but is placed higher than the exact anti-tragus location.

The anti-tragus site is the direct opposite of the tragus location.

The daith location is the cartilage above the tragus

The transverse lobe is done by connecting the two lowest points in the ear lobe.

We will next tell you now about the best cartilage earring designs, for your fall’s dressing.

Dangling cartilage studs

Cartilage Earrings Trends


Dangling cartilage studs have a small dangler that could be a small charm of your choice. Wear it to achieve that bubbly look it promises to endow on its wearer.

Cartilage shield designs

Similar to broader cuffed patterns, cartilage shield designs are one of the best for fall. As the weather dims and dries down, cartilage shields add that extra sparkle to the dull faces.

Feather Helix captive bead earrings

Helixes and feathers create a dainty look that stands out in the crowd. Use it this fall to guard you of dull seasons.

Barbell jewelry  

Cartilage Earrings Trends


Curved, straight and circular barbells go with the season. They blend into it, and as the autumn bares everything, the designs too, though bare, go well with the attires used in autumn.

Semi circle rings

Semi-circle rings or bands hold the crescent moon charm in autumn. Try a pair this autumn to complete that forlorn look.

Try one of these cartilage earring designs to look different this fall. After all, why should the dull weather of the fall bruise your styling quotient!

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