Best Tips to Getting a Good Night’s Rest

good night rest

Getting a good night’s rest is very important. Lack of sleep can affect your focus and memory as stated. Therefore, lack of sleep can affect your work performance. 

Getting a good night’s sleep every night improves your concentration. Improving your concentration improves your performance in your work. 

Many people believe a person needs a minimum of eight hours of sleep. However, the amount varies from individual to individual as stated by the National Sleep Foundation. 

If you consistently lack energy during the day, you can add an hour of sleep. It can help improve your performance. Once you determine the amount of sleep you need, ensure you are getting enough sleep during the night. Read these Purple mattress reviews and consider an upgrade.

Take Protein with Breakfast 

good night rest


SF Gate recommends you consume a breakfast, which includes carbs (around 10% to 35% of the meal), to satisfy your hunger. The energy from the carbs can sustain you until lunch. 

Protein contains amino acids. The amino acids keep the brain alert, waking your brain during the day. If you do not love taking breakfast, you can have some yogurt, a latter, or a glass of milk before you go to work. 

De-Clutter Your Workspace and Organize It

It is easy to get overwhelmed due to clutter on your desk. The clutter can also bring you down if you are tired or stressed as stated by WebMD. 

Before you begin your work in the morning, de-clutter your workspace and organize it. How? De-clutter your cubicle, organize your emails, and clean up your desk. 

De-cluttering and organizing your workspace can make you feel more in control. Organizing your workspace is a simple task that can increase your energy levels. Because performing a simple task increases your energy levels. 

Take a Break 

good night rest


Do you take your lunch at your desk? If so, stop doing it immediately. Taking your lunch in your office might be doing you more harm than good. If you concentrate for eight hours regularly, then fatigue and burnout can creep on you as explained by Dr. Janet Scarborough Civitelli on CNN. Take a real break from your desk. You can take your lunch at another location, including your favorite café, in a park, or at the gym. 

Move Around 

Making large motions, like waving warms, breathing deeply, holding your chin up, and smiling are some of the best ways for quickly reversing a negative attitude or elevating your mood. This is what Steve Sisgold recommends in Psychology Today. 

These movements are great for boosting the levels of good hormones in the brain and decreasing the stress hormone called cortisol. You will need to do these exercises in a quiet location, including a stairwell or bathroom. You can do these exercises for a few seconds. 

Change Your Surroundings 

good night rest


Change to surroundings to stay alert and positive. Researchers have shown that one of the causes of lower productivity levels is consistent, sedentary work as stated by Susan Adams in Forbes. You can boost your productivity, focus, and energy by changing your surroundings throughout the day. 

How do you change your surroundings? Talk with your colleagues for a few minutes. Take a short walk – you can even just walk to the water cooler.  If you cannot leave your desk, you can perform some tasks requiring human interactions, including returning calls or answering emails. 

Change Your Posture 

It does not recommend slouching. Why? It can lower your energy levels, making your feel depressed. Adjust your chair to get a good posture. It is necessary to have a good posture as you sit on your desk. You can use an exercise ball instead of your office chair. You can also stand at your office desk. 

Remove the backrest to force yourself into an even better posture. Getting a good posture can increase your energy levels and influences your mood.

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