7 Birthday Superstitions that Will Leave You in Shock

Birthday wish

Everyone enjoys celebrating their birthday. We should rejoice at the start of a new year. You can eat delectable meals and do karaoke with friends. You have a ton of memories of surprising people and creating unique customs. In certain locations, birthday festivities can span a week, and there are even more elaborate traditions than simply blowing out the candles. Prepare to discover some unexpected global birthday superstitions that will liven up your upcoming birthday celebration.

11 WILD Birthday Superstitions From Around the World

Blowing Out Birthday Candles (USA)

As per some old Southern traditions of the United States of America, there are interesting blowing out candles superstition associated with birthday cakes. It is said that candles placed over the birthday cake are placed to improve the love life of the birthday boy/girl. The number of candles to be placed is decided based on what year the person is turning to.

Birthday Superstitions

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It is said if the person blows all the candles at once in one breath, then they will be married within a year according to these superstitions. The number of remaining candles, which were not blown away, are going to speak of the number of years that person has got in their hand to get married off.

Wish Magic (Germany)

Making a wish before blowing the candles off has been a birthday ritual. It is said that the person is able to blow away all the candles in a single breath then his/her wishes will come true for real. This superstition originated in Germany wherein later so many candles were replaced with an extra-large candle to the middle of the cake.

Predicting Personality

Some superstitions claim that the day you were born determines your entire personality. For example, if you were born on a Monday, you might be considered moody, while a Wednesday birth could mean you’re communicative and adaptable. For ages, different cultures have kept birthday superstitions and traditions that say they can tell your personality based on your birthday. These beliefs have been passed down for generations, making our celebrations feel more mystical.

Food Fables

Birthday Superstitions

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Eating specific foods on your birthday can bring good luck. For example, eating a doughnut on your birthday is believed to bring good fortune. Who knew that indulging in a sweet treat could have hidden benefits? 

Birthday Wishes: Timing is Everything (Russia & Others)

Wishing someone a happy birthday in advance seems to bring bad luck on birthday believed by the Russians. Russians believe one should never celebrate their birthday before their birthday arrives. For the same reason, people in several other nations dislike receiving birthday gifts in advance.

Well-Timed Wishes

The birthday child or girl should receive all of his or her wishes upon waking up on the day of the celebration, according to many traditions and superstitions about birthdays. On the day of the birthday, sending good wishes or pleasant words is believed to bring luck to the person celebrating.

Second Childhood (Japan & Korea)

Birthday Superstitions

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In Japan, people are given to start over their life after a certain age. They can become a kid again after reaching a certain age. One such instance was of Kanreki who entered his second childhood after turning 61 years old. All his troubles were forgotten and he got a clean slate to write everything fresh.

Earlobe Tugging for Good Luck (Italy)

Italiana has a bizarre superstition of birthday spankings. They celebrate their birthday by tugging on the earlobe. It is said that long ears are a symbol of long life. So trusted friends and family members join the birthday girl/boy in this ritual to bring good luck.

Birthday Cake Bad Luck

Some cultures think it’s bad luck if you don’t eat a bit of your birthday cake. They believe you’re saying no to the good luck and blessings that the cake and candles represent. So, even if you’re trying to be healthy, it’s better to have a small bite to avoid any bad luck. This belief is part of birthday cake superstitions.

Marrying on Your Birthday Lucky or Unlucky?

Birthday wish

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Birthdays are indeed a special day in everyone’s lives. But there are some things that you should never think of doing on your birthday such as getting married. It is said if one gets married on the same day of his/her birthday, it shall bring bad luck to the person. But on the other hand, if you happen to die on your birthday, it is quite lucky. To be sure to attain salvation.

Lucky Numbers and Unlucky Dates

Numbers are important in birthday superstitions worldwide. Some numbers are lucky, and others are unlucky. For example, 7 is lucky in many places. So, if your birthday is on the 7th, 17th, or 27th of the month, it’s seen as lucky. But 13 is unlucky, especially in the West. Some avoid celebrating their 13th birthday due to this belief. Another important number is 21. Some think luck changes every 21 years, so birthdays marking a new 21-year cycle are seen as very lucky.

FAQs For Birthday Superstition

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Is it bad luck to celebrate your birthday early?

Russians believe celebrating a birthday early shortens your lifespan. Wishing someone a happy birthday before the actual day is considered bad luck. This tradition emphasizes waiting until the exact date to celebrate. 

Is it bad luck to be sick on your birthday?

Don’t worry if you’re sick on your birthday! It’s not bad luck. Some cultures believe it clears the way for good luck in the coming year. So, rest up and get better soon!

Is it bad luck to light your own birthday candles?

Birthday wish

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There’s no bad luck associated with lighting your own birthday candles in most cultures. It’s seen as the exciting start to making your birthday wish come true! So grab that lighter and get ready to celebrate another year.

Is it bad luck to sing Happy Birthday early?

Yes, in Mexican traditions, singing the birthday song too early is thought to bring bad luck. They prefer to wait until the exact time of birth to sing it, as singing it too soon is seen as risky.

Is it bad luck to reuse birthday candles?

Yes, in certain Chinese superstitions, using old birthday candles from a previous year is believed to invite misfortune. New candles symbolize a fresh start, so using old ones cancels out that idea.


Birthday wish

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