What is Body Shape Analysis?

Body Shape Analysis

Body shape analysis is critical to finding clothes that fit. But a lot of people have no idea what their body shape is, how to figure it out, and what to do with that knowledge once they have it. Today, we’re going to talk about body shape, fashion, and analysis.

Everyone has a certain body type. These include horizontal, hourglass, oval, triangle, and inverted triangle. 

Body Shape Analysis

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  • Horizontal. The horizontal body type is mostly straight up and down. Rather than an emphasized waist, there are straight lines on both sides. It can be a difficult body shape to dress, but it’s also very versatile. 
  • Hourglass. This is what’s often thought of as the “perfect” body type. But there isn’t a body type that is perfect. Once, oval body types were most desirable. Hourglass body types have a clear, tucked midsection and larger hips and chest.
  • Oval. Oval shapes are the reverse of an hourglass, with a body shape that comes out at the midsection. Oval body shapes can be difficult to dress just because clothes are often cut for other bodies.
  • Triangle. The triangle has broad hips and thin shoulders. This means that you usually need to purchase separates and purchasing pants can be difficult. 
  • Inverted triangle. The triangle has broad shoulders and thin hips. Often, this is an easier type to dress in terms of separates, but it can be difficult to find dresses for. Tailoring can help.

Why do you need to know your body shape? It all depends on the features that you want to emphasize on your body.

Body Shape Analysis

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Overall, symmetry is often considered to be desirable. Most people try to dress so that it appears as though they have more of an hourglass. But it also highlights some issues that you might find with clothing. If you are an “inverted triangle,” for instance, fitted dresses may not fit you because the bottom will be too wide and the shoulders will be too small.

How to Find Fashion for Your Body Type?

Once you know how to dress for your body type, it’s important to find the right fashion. Your fashion is going to be situated around the type of look you want. For instance, in the 80s, a lot of high-powered women wore shoulder pads to give them an inverted triangle look. It was considered to be more dominant.

A few fashion tips include:

Body Shape Analysis

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  • Horizontal. People with a horizontal body type may want to create more interesting lines by using patterns, such as geometric patterns. Using bold separates that have dramatically different colors can also help; otherwise, the concern is that something like a single-color dress might look a little formless. Horizontal body types can use belts and scarves to accessorize and call attention to the areas of their body they want to call attention to.
  • Hourglass. People with an hourglass body type can usually wear anything, as most clothes are cut to fit this type of body. They can dress differently to accentuate their hourglass or downplay it depending on their own desires. Generally, the rule is to mix things that are loose or tight, such as a fitted blouse with looser slacks. Likewise, you want to mix-and-match patterns with color blocks, so the pattern doesn’t become overwhelming.
  • Oval. Those with oval body types can have difficulty finding things that fit and may want to invest in a tailor. Having clothing that fits is a huge boon and can greatly improve a professional image. Oval body types often look best with clothing that tucks in at the waist and is free-flowing beneath, such as bell-shaped dresses. What’s most important for someone with an oval body type is to find clothes that fit well, even if that means searching for the perfect brand.
  • Triangle. Someone who has a very clear triangle with a small waist and wide hips will likely want to emphasize the fact. They can call attention to their waist with accessories such as belts. They may have issues with dress sizes and may want to focus on materials that stretch. 
  • Inverted triangle. The major challenge for an inverted triangle is that an inverted triangle may not want to call as much attention to their chest. This can usually be achieved through the right styles, such as darker colors on top. A sweater paired with leggings can serve to “balance” the body. When purchasing dresses, an inverted triangle might want to go with sleeveless as they are more likely to fit, or may want to get their dresses a size up and tailor them down at the hip.

Body Shape Analysis

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Image consultants go through training and study to figure out which looks are best on which body types. But it also does depend on the look you’re going for — something else that an image consultant can help you explore.

Learn How to Perform Body Shape Analysis Estimated Length

Body shape analysis may seem simple, but it’s actually more complex. Everyone is unique and different. It can be difficult to tell how a real person is shaped, even if it’s easy on an illustration. And once you’ve figured out what body shape someone has, pairing it with the right styles, personality, and overall brand can be a challenge.

Learning how to perform body shape analysis is a great start. At the London Image Institute, you can learn all about body shape analysis and design.  

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