Suffering from Chronic Snoring? New Invention for You

chronical suffering

Coming back home, after the busy daily routine, everyone tries to find peace and silence while taking rest or sleeping. While sleeping no one likes disturbance and annoyance inside or outside the home. We need a calm, steady, and silent environment to sleep well at night, otherwise one can’t find relief and they will become uncomfortable than in their living.

As we all know mostly at the time a sleeping person is not active, thus some person performs different kinds of activities that time likewise some have the disease of sleepwalking disorders, some have mental disorders which in night affects others and many more.

chronically suffering


One of the worst actions while sleeping is snoring, we all have been suffering from the chronic snoring done by another person, and it creates a disturbing, noisy, and uncomfortable environment for one who is taking rest after a long busy day. That sound annoys the mind of the sleeping person and his / her sleep cracks in between which result in a bad biological process of body systems. Improper sleep results in disturbed mind, muscle pain, bones pain, difficulty in respiration, red eyes, and many more other symptoms are noticed which makes the human working process less efficient and sometimes worthless too. Every person suffering from the snoring of others would like to get rid of it. Here, in Live Enhanced we have the best new inventions which would help you out to get rid of it.

First of all the question arises, how does snoring occur in a human body? It is a vibration occurring in the respiratory system because of the respiration of air done while a person is sleeping. There are various types of sound occurring due to vibration. Sometimes it is soft that it won’t produce any kind of aggravation, but sometimes the sound coming through is loud and unpleasant enough to disturb your mind and produces a kind of frustrating environment which is improper for good sleep. It is a sign of OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea); also it is a factor of sleep deficit.   

chronically suffering


Many people are known for chronic snoring, it is the number one disturbance at night in the bedroom. According to a fact: “4 out of 10 men and 3 out of 10 women of age between 40 – 60 or older than that snores in their sleeping time”. Admiringly, we have a revolutionary best invention for this purpose which will stop your habit of snoring from the moment you start equipping, it is easily available and will help you in improving your breathing processes, it is none other than Sleep magic. Have it now!

The noise created by snoring is much similar to the sound like running a bus, car, or truck which is almost equivalent to 80 – 100 decibels which are a big deal to do to create a noise-free and peaceful environment for sleeping. The causes for these purposes are curved nasal septum, tonsils, and long uvula. Human beings aging group about 40 to 60, has almost 60 to 80 percent affected among them.

What is sleep magic?

chronically suffering


Sleep magic is the first-ever device made for the purpose to stop snores of the peoples and provide them a good taste and environment for sleeping at night in the bedroom. This device is small in size and is very easy to use for anyone to prevent themselves from snoring. It consists of a soft silicone ring while equipping this device you are supposed to push that ring into the nasals of the nose. According to Tibetan medicine therapy, this device also includes therapeutic magnets inside it which are most beneficial at the time of breathing, along with that it helps the nose to stimulate its sensory nerves and avoid them from diminishing elsewhere throughout sleep. Around tens of thousands of people had this wonderful sleep magic device with them which provides a platform for a peaceful and healthy sleep at night.

This device is made up of plastic silicon ring embedded with a high-quality therapeutic magnet on both the sides of the ring, shape is well designed that it can be easily placed into the nose without facing any type of stoppage or difficulty, the material used for making is anti-bacterial, fire resist and washable if used once then before using it twice wash it with some water for better sanitation and hygiene.  The size is optimized at the utmost level that it can be used by every age group human being. Thus, the production of this device is done safely keeping all the measurements and circumstances at first, though its cost of buying is low and appropriate.

How does sleep magic work?

chronically suffering


As we know the sound coming through is due to vibration occurring in the respiratory system, all this happens when there is small space gap for air release while respiration of air is done towards the release of air at that time some amount of resistance is produced on the path of respiration which it then turns into loud and unpleasant noise. Here is where sleep magic steps in and gently widen the path of air release i.e. nasal ways or nostrils are widened up at some stage as per the addition of the device done, it makes the flow of air from lungs through the nose better and easier. As the body notices that the breathing path is now clear and resistance-free the organs are activated towards the nasal breathing process again which is done by a normal human being who does not snore.

Many of the peoples do refer for chinstraps, pins for nose, and much more, those things block the nasal breathing of human and makes them unconscious to start the usage of mouth respiration which is not at all good regarding a healthier sleep, no matter it stops your snores but it will affect your whole body and will make you uncomfortable while you are spending your quality time on sleep. While using sleep magic it does not disturb your nasal breathing, moreover, it amplifies the process for you; for a healthy and safer environment of breathing while sleeping. In short, you can say that this creative, amazing, and the ingenious little device will control your snoring without interrupting your normal sleep cycle, which would be the first aspect for the buyer of this device.    

According to a test done on a person, if you wear sleep magic to avoid snores while sleeping so that the sleeping partner with you won’t get annoyed or frustrated, you will see at least 25% increment at deep sleep, and that is a good sign for an average and healthier sleep footprint.


chronically suffering


This new invention has no disadvantages and side effects. Let us have a look at the advantages!

Promotes better breathing

Sleep magic amplifies the nasal ways which promote better breathing for people wearing it. Moreover, as nasal ways are now amplified, natural respiration takes place while sleeping, those nasal ways widen themselves and provide a better breathing and respiration system. This happens mainly with the help of a therapeutic magnet present at both sides which compresses the middle membrane and widens the ways.  

 Aids in reducing and stopping snoring

Aids in reducing and stopping chronic snoring is the only purpose for making sleep magic. Whenever you wear this device on your nose it widens the nasal breathing which results in reducing the resistance occurring due to the air release done by the nose. Also, the vibration produced by respiratory systems parts comes to an end, and that thing stops snoring and rescues you from the disturbance created through it.  

Helps reduce dry mouth

Sleep magic makes sleep cycle normal and healthy for the user, thus a healthy person while taking asleep would not like to have a dry mouth, this device improves breathing, you can skip taking breathe from the mouth, if you take breathe from your mouth then you’ll experience dry mouth which in case of nasal breathing is not observed.


Any kind of medicine or allopathic process does not take place in the manufacturing of sleep magic. Thus, it is totally drug-free which keeps you healthier, this is the only reason that it does not have any kind of disadvantages or side effects on the human body.  


As manufacturing of sleep magic is not done with any kind of industrial process or medical process. The chance of hypoallergenic effect on a human being is nil.


Taking pills to stop snores or trying any other equipment for it is like one-time usable things. But, in case of sleep magic, it is made with such good and superficial material that washing it with some warm water will give it again a new appearance which can be further used several times as per our needs and requirements. Also, this device can fit any type of nose no matter what shape and size.

To know more about this invention visit Live Enhanced now!

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