Incorporating Titanium into the Modern Home 

Investible real estate is said to grow up to 55% from 2012 to 2020, according to the Architecture List. Because of this, architects and engineers are coming up with new ways to create an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and stable home design. Thus, introducing materials that are built to last.
For example, a  rural home can have a modern twist to it by incorporating titanium to its structure. Here are 4 ways to incorporate titanium into your modern house.
Core Frame Of The House 

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Titanium frames are popular in home construction as they are sturdier and stronger than other common materials. They are also a sustainable alternative to wooden frames. A  titanium bar can be part of the core framing of the house to increase the strength of the studs while adding more support to the house. This is especially crucial in case of a catastrophic event.
Better Roof Shingles
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One way that titanium can be used in a modern home is as roof shingles. This material helps make the roof more durable against various weather elements. Installing titanium roof shingles can have a warranty that will last up to 50 years at least which is longer compared to others.
One advantage of using titanium for the roof is how it is lighter than steel and aluminum. It will not require constant maintenance, which is another reason it is useful when constructing modern homes. Not to mention, it is easy to install like asphalt shingles.
Stylish Finish For The House  
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It is also possible to use titanium as part of the finish of your modern home because of its aesthetic appeal. Adding titanium tubes or other applications can create a sleek exterior look and withstand various elements. It’s the ability to endure rust and stains make it an ideal focal point especially when it is bent and shaped to suit the design of the building. Play with tubes, rods, and other fittings made from titanium to add an edge to your structure.
Modern Interior Design 
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Titanium materials can also be used as part of the interior design of any modern home, especially when they are combined with steel and glass. Architects often play with these materials to create a house that is not only sturdy but also low-maintenance for easy living for homeowners. These construction materials are built to last, can withstand exposure to unique elements, and offer additional protection to those living in the home.
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There are many ways to incorporate titanium when constructing a modern home. You can start by using it as part of the core frame of the house to increase strength and sturdiness to prevent buckling in case of catastrophic events. Incorporating titanium on the roof, not only reduces the need for regular maintenance, but it also means having a sturdy roof that can withstand the elements. And with titanium being an environment-friendly material, there is no need to worry about your impact on the environment.

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