Tips to Buying a Perfect Mattress for You


Are you looking to buy a new mattress? But are confused about where to buy mattress? If you are lost in your search, you have come to the right place. It’s really necessary to pick your mattress for your safety. To be sure you make the right choice, discover the six criteria. If you follow the advice in this guide, the long nights of restful and restorative sleep are yours.

1.Morphology and supportmattress

The first criterion for choosing the mattresses is the morphology of the user. Indeed, the support needs are different depending on the morphology of the user. The mattress should be neither too firm nor too flexible in order to keep the spine straight and therefore avoid back pain. It is recommended that people with back problems get firm help. The need for the firmness of a mattress varies depending on the size of the individual. Find the level of firmness that suits you below.

If you sleep with your partner, you should take into account the highest firmness according to the weight/size of each. The body accepts a harder firmness than necessary while it does not appreciate too ‘soft’ support; this is why it is necessary to take according to the strongest firmness of the couple. You can also opt for a double firmness mattress.

2.The size of the mattressmatters 3

The mattress size is determined by your size and the space you have in the room. Single address standard size 90×190 cm. If you are tall, choose the length of 200 cm. For a mattress of 2 people, the standard sizes are 140×190 and 160×200. But there are many sizes available, and also the possibility of ordering a custom mattress.

To choose a mattress of the right size, the mattress must be at least 15 to 20 cm larger than the people who sleep in it. The comfort in a bed is higher if the space for sleeping is larger.

3.Mattresses technologypexels-photo-164595

The technology or suspension of a mattress corresponds to the heart of the latter. It is the main element that significantly contributes to the maintenance of your body and your spine. 4 technologies stand out: Foam, latex, pocket springs, and memory foam. There is no specific technology superior to another, and each can be the most suitable for your needs; it all depends on your expectations.

4.Welcoming the Mattresses: comfortmatters 1

The reception of the mattress designates a certain number of layers of filling which are added to increase the comfort of the bed. The more layers, make mattresses more the softer and more comfortable. The choice of reception mainly depends on your tastes. A dynamic welcome, with little filling, gives a hard, toned effect. Conversely, a soft, even very soft welcome offers a feeling of envelopment (cocooning effect). A comfortable welcome is in between, neither too hard nor too soft.

5.Hygiene of the mattressesmatters

Before buying the Mattresses, you must check whether it has undergone anti-mite and antibacterial treatment to avoid allergies, asthma, or eczema. In addition, favor mattresses made in France respecting the standards in force, a guarantee of quality.

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6.Sleeping independencematters 2

If you sleep in pairs, the mattress must offer good sleeping independence. The movements of one should not disturb the other. This criterion will allow you not to be woken up by your spouse and improves your quality of sleep and your well-being. A decisive advantage if your partner tends to move often. A pocket spring mattress is a good choice because it offers very good sleeping independence. The springs are individually bagged, so they are independent of each other.

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