5 Easy Ways to Modernize Your Rural Home

Living away from the busy streets of the big city doesn’t mean you have to give up a modern lifestyle. Your rural home can be an oasis of peace and still have all the modern amenities.

Here are five ways you can modernize your rural home without jeopardizing its rural simplicity.

1. Get Larger Windows

Larger Windows in home

Windows give your home a specific accent, so be bold and try novel ideas, such as having large roof windows or even window walls. By making your walls a little bit smaller, and your windows a little bit larger, you will open up the inside of your home and give it a remarkable feel thanks to all the extra natural light seeping in.

While there are many styles and materials to choose from, one thing that you should seriously consider is investing a little bit more and installing energy efficient windows, especially if you plan to have large windows.

2. Have a Breakfast Bar in Your Kitchen

Breakfast Bar ideas in Kitchen

Source: 5thavefrogger.com

Classic homes usually have closed off kitchens with separate dining rooms. You can solve this by tearing down the wall between the two rooms, but that’s quite a big investment. As an alternative, you can invest in a kitchen island that can double as a breakfast bar. Not only does this give you an additional table where you can wine and dine, but you will also have a larger space for meal prep! It will also make the cleanup easier in the morning when you’re usually in a hurry to get to work.

3. Invest in High-Speed Internet

High speed internet in Home

Source: focusonthefamily.com

You have probably already thought about having high-speed internet, but high-speed internet and rural somehow don’t seem to go well together. There are some providers who focus on rural areas specifically, but their fiber grids are still spotty and wide apart. Instead of looking at fiber options, why don’t you opt for high-speed satellite internet instead? With satellite internet, you are no longer dependent on infrastructural limitations.

4. Install Modern Security Options

Modern Security Options for Home

When you have high-speed internet, you can also invest in modern security. This means that you can buy smart cameras that not only store things locally on a hard drive, but also online (on the cloud). You can access the camera feed at any time. Nest is one such camera, and it’s very popular among pet owners – you can always check up on them, even when you’re not home. Simply access the cameras phone app and see what the camera is seeing.

5. Ditch the Bathtub

Walk in Showers for Home

Source: marketwatch.com

How often do you take baths, really? Not often enough. Don’t cling to the idea that you will change that, and remove the bathtub for a spacious shower instead. Don’t go for the regular closed shower space, but a luxurious walk-in shower. Such showers are the epitome of contemporary style for your rural home, not to mention how much easier to clean and maintain they are too!

Modernizing your rural home can be a big or small investment, and it’s up to you to choose whether you’ll go with opening your rooms or start smaller and invest in high-speed internet first.

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