C Language Complete Guide [ Updated 2018 ]

C Language 2

Know about the C Language

C is one of the oldest languages that ever have been created. But, there is no doubt when you look around for hiring a developer in today’s time; you need to be sure about the candidate that you are choosing. Although technology advancement has been quite a lot over the past few years and so has the language changes and requirements, it is expected that you must take a good care of hiring a candidate who is well aware of the most basic language along with the trending ones like HTML and Java.

C Language 2

That is the main reason why, such type of article can be of great help to you. However, make sure you focus on speaking with subject matter experts each time when you take any action with regards to creating a strong test for hiring.

Know more about the concept of C language:

There are so many projects till date that runs on the C language. The UNIX is one operating system which was started in the year 1969. It has the code which was entirely written in C language in the year 1972.  This type of language was more basically created to make sure the UNIX kernel code gets shifted from assembly to the better language level that can perform some of the efficient tasks in few lines itself. In the year 1977 when there was Oracle development that came into existence, even its code was rewritten in the C language in 1983 and then it gained more popularity in the database world.

Know about the C Language

How you can make a strong hiring:

Well, if you are wondering why the above mentioned information is required for you to do the hiring, then let us be clear on making a note that when you hire any kind of developer, it is expected from the candidate to be aware of this language. C is one programming language which is not just limited to the previous projects. Though there are many new languages that have come up and are making a strong foothold but a candidate must have a good knowledge of this very basic language so that henceforth if there comes any project on which the dependency on this language comes, then the person is able to deal with it.

C in today’s dynamic world:

This fundamental language is still in demand in today’s IT industry. No doubt that there may come a lot many chances but this is a fact that it is one such language that most of the IT centric clients have been looking for. And if you are keen to grab such type of individuals then it is always better that you focus on hiring the candidate who hold a strong foot hold in this language. There is a huge demand for the developers and programmers who have good experience and knowledge of using C language. That is why create a strong C test that can make it convenient for you to do the hiring without any kind of hassle.

C++ Language

As said earlier, this is one efficient structured program that is used for the development of system compilation and programming. It is expected from a good C developer to be aware about the basics of C and even the data structure concepts along with a good and strong foothold in C topics such as structures, pointers and even unions to name a few. With the help of C++ test, you will be able to measure the:

  • Basic Programming and understanding of the candidate in C language
  • Having an in depth knowledge of control statements an functions of the C language
  • To have the data structures in proficiency
  • To have strong structures, points and expect unique knowledge of the candidate in C language
  • To be clear about the developments and debugging skills which the candidate holds in C language.

Generally, such type of test is conducted for 60 minutes. The focus of this test is to evaluate the concepts, knowledge, analysis skills and even the application skills of the target audience in the C programming language. The test is generally divided into four categories. Starting of which the 9 MCQ and MCA items that are based on the C basics, then comes of the 5 MCQ and MCA items that are associated with the data structure concepts. After that there is a pattern to evaluate the proficiency of the 4MCA and MCQ test that includes structures, pointers and even union. There is also 1 hands on coding problems that are given in the test which are associated with the C development skills evaluation.

Generally this type of test is conducted for those freshers or candidates who have at least 2 years of experience in this field. This type of test no doubt can also cater other skills levels proficient as well. But to create the benchmark for such test, you can use it for the key profiles such as C Developer, Software Developer 1 ( C ), and Junior C Developer to name a few.

Now that you are pretty much clear with this type of hiring pattern, make sure you hire the right candidate who is worth to make the investments. So what are you waiting for? It is high time for you to look for the developer who can give you an assurance to improve the organization at the same time help your business grow in much better manner.

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