Why Child Care Safety Protections Is so Important

Child Care Safety Protections Is so Important

You may be a well-known executive or celebrity who gets a lot of recognition. When you’re getting a lot of attention, it can be disconcerting. You may start to notice that your family is starting to become affected, too. As a parent, you want to make sure your child is safe no matter where they are. 

Whether your child is going to childcare or you’re having someone watch them at home, their safety should be your number one priority. So here are some ways to keep them out of harm’s way. 

1. Get Criminal Background Checks 

Child Care Safety Protections Is so Important

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If you have a childcare professional watch your child, find out if they’ve had a background check. A background check entails them getting a fingerprint check. The fingerprint will reveal whether they have any criminal records. It also will check the sex offender and child abuse and neglect registry. 

Your childcare professional must have a background check. It’s the only way to ensure that your child is in good hands. 

Likewise, if you’re dropping your child off at a childcare facility, ask if the employees have had background checks. Unfortunately, not all childcare centers have their employees go through background checks. 

So, it’d be best if you were proactive and asked whether they’ve had background checks. If they haven’t, you can either request that they do or find a facility that performs them. 

2. Confirm Recent Training 

Child Care Safety Protections Is so Important

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Any child care provider that’s caring for your child should be well-qualified. Part of being qualified includes having recent training in child and safety development. 

Usually, a school or child care provider’s website details how employees are trained. However, it’s alright for you to ask if it doesn’t. 

Recent child care provider training should include: 

  • First aid and CPR. You can learn it from Toronto First Aid Training
  • Knowing how to prevent the shaken baby syndrome
  • Being prepared for emergencies 
  • Safe sleep practices 

When a caretaker has the skills needed to watch after your child, they’re more apt to focus on keeping them safe. 

So, find out what recent training the provider has gone through. From there, you can determine whether it’s a place where your child should go. 

3. Go with Your Gut 

Child Care Safety Protections Is so Important

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Going with your gut is just as important as background checks and ensuring they have recent training. As you get to know a person you can learn a lot about them.

As you interview and speak to someone, look for non-verbals that give off any dishonesty. For example, looking away when asking a question is one example of someone hiding something. 

Someone who checks all the boxes may not necessarily be the best person to watch your child. So, go with your gut and weigh whether you feel good about your child being in the person or facility’s care. 

4. See if There are Group Size Limits 

A child care provider watches more than one child at a time. Since they’re keeping track of many children, see if there are group size limits. The fewer children being watched, the less likely something will happen.

With fewer children to look after, more positive caregiving will take place. As you weigh whether you want your child at a particular facility, ask about the group size limits. Having smaller groups indicates that your child’s safety is essential to the provider. 

5. Get a Private Bodyguard 

Child Care Safety Protections Is so Important

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Sometimes having a caretaker who keeps an eye on children is not enough. If you feel your child is in danger, consider hiring a private bodyguard. Or, it may be you just want a trained professional looking after them, and that’s okay too. 

Having a private bodyguard isn’t overkill if you’re concerned about your child’s safety. Explain to the person watching your child that you need extra protection

If you’re a celebrity in California, for example, your child may need to have a private bodyguard. In that case, having a bodyguard there will put your mind at ease that someone is looking out for potential dangers.


Child Care Safety Protections Is so Important

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Keeping your child safe is essential. Although, you must realize that you can’t control every situation. A child will get a few bumps and bruises, and that’s just a part of them being a kid. 

But it’s entirely reasonable that you want to provide your child with the best care. By doing your research and staying informed, you can ensure your child is in good hands.

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