5 Tips to Keeping Your Feet Warm This Winter

Keeping Your Feet Warm This Winter

Cold temperatures have the potential to cause serious discomfort, whether you love being outdoors in winter or you face cold landscapes on your way to work. Nothing is as bad as wearing a hat, a scarf, gloves, and multiple layers of clothing and still feeling the cold creeping into your toes. So, how can you keep the feet protected and warm in winter? Here are a few handy tips:

1. Invest in the Proper Socks

Keeping Your Feet Warm This Winter

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Socks are perhaps the best place to start. People often assume that wearing thick socks or layering socks is the best solution when it comes to dealing with cold feet. However, they actually create pressure on the feet and cut off blood circulation to the toes. So, to keep the feet dry and warm, you need socks that are moisture-wicking, breathable, and thin or medium-thick.

That said, the material they are made from is another important consideration. The best advice here is to avoid wearing cotton socks. They may feel comfortable, but they actually make the feet colder and cause toe frostbite. They provide little to no insultation value (particularly when wet) and absorb as well as hold moisture. So, you should instead consider investing in woolen socks. Wool is one of the warmest materials available and it absorbs and repels water. Woolen socks are also not too bulky, which means that they fit with just about any shoes.

Bonus Tip: Always carry a spare pair of socks should your feet get wet on a cold, rainy day.

2. Wear the Right Type of Boots

Keeping Your Feet Warm This Winter

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Shoes provide the outer layer of protection against moisture and play a critical role in how feet maintain warmth. That means that you need to wear waterproof, breathable boots that allow feet perspiration to escape. Take a look at the Orthotic Shop. So, avoid wearing fancy dress shoes, heels, or loose trainers and instead wear a decent pair of warm winter boots that have thick soles.

It can also be a good idea to regularly check your boots for tears and/or little holes to ensure that water doesn’t get in. If you do find a hole, ensure that it is repaired immediately.

3. Wear Warm Innersoles

Keeping Your Feet Warm This Winter

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You lose heat faster if you stand on a cold surface than if you have cold air around the feet. If you find that your feet are still cold after trying the two suggestions above, you need to consider trying woolen innersoles. Adding extra or thicker innersoles into your boots not only adds an extra layer between the shoes and feet, but also provides additional comfort and helps reduce unpleasant odors.

4. Boost Your Circulation by Staying Active

If you feel the cold start to creep into your toes, get running, do jumping jacks, or take a walk. Physical activity increases blood flow to the extremities and eventually boosts body temperature. It also gives you more energy along with a better mood.

5. Dry Your Boots Between Wears

Keeping Your Feet Warm This Winter

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You have already read it several times: wet feet translate to cold feet. So, immediately when you arrive home, remove your boots and allow them to dry by using a scrunched-up newspaper until when you wear them again. After all, the feet will get cold a lot faster if there is moisture that’s still left in the shoes. However, whatever you do, avoid leaving your boots by a heat source since they are likely to start cringing ideas at Live Enhanced.

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