Valentine’s Weekdays and with Dates of 2022

valentine day list

Valentine’s day, also known as St. valentine’s day or st. emerging as a western Christian feast day in honor of one or two early saints named valentine’s day, valentine’s day is a significant cultural, religious, and recognized celebration of romance and romantic love commercially in many regions around the world. There are many Valentine’s day ideas you can pick for your special one. 

Valentine’s day is the most awaited day for most couples. If you are a couple and looking forward to celebrating valentine’s day, you may know that valentine’s week is a week-long celebration of love. In today’s article, we are going to share the schedule and dates of valentine’s week, which will surely help you to celebrate the whole week with the love of your life.

Valentine’s week is celebrated for 7 consecutive days. Celebrations start from 7th February and February 14th, which is valentine’s day. In this post, we are going to share the whole valentine’s week schedule for all the loving couples there.

valentine day list


Valentine’s day is cornered and lovers are ready to celebrate valentine’s day. Valentine’s day will come in a week as people around the world celebrate it on February 14th and kiss day every year on February 14, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts, or flowers with their special “Valentine”. The special day of romance usually called valentine’s day is named after the Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but originated in Lupercalia on roman holidays.

If you are ready to take part in the week-long festivities with your loved ones, here is a complete list of these dates that you will not miss for the world. Although initially celebrated in honor of St. Valentine, the week has taken on a new meaning in these days where every day from rose Day to February 14 valentine’s day is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm.

For example on the rose day, you can express your affection with a red rose, you can give your darling a gift on teddy day. You can similarly celebrate with an offer of your affection on promise day or create an adorable guarantee on promise day. Can you hug on the day of the hug and wrap things up, for those who don’t like chocolate? Everyone loves chocolate and is committed to a whole day as chocolate day.

Complete list of valentine’s day 2021

valentine day list


The days before 14th February: the special valentine’s week has a total of 7 different days like Rose Day, Proposal Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day, Promise Day, Chocolate Day, Kiss Day, and last Valentine’s Day. Here we are sharing the complete list of the special Valentine’s Week 2021 You can easily check the February Valentine or happy valentine’s Date sheet here.


valentine day list


February is celebrated in February, this day marks the beginning of Valentine’s Week. You can surprise your loved ones with roses to symbolize the eternal beauty of love in your relationship. Although a red rose is a traditional themed symbol of love, a pink rose expresses feelings of appreciation and happiness. White roses are synonymous with new beginnings, and the yellow roses are a symbol of your friendship.

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February the first day of valentine’s week is rose day. Surprise your loved one with a rose or roses to show appreciation for the eternal beauty of love and relationship. The color pink means a feeling of admiration and appreciation, but a red rose is a common symbol of love. New beginnings are marked with white whereas yellow roses symbolize friendship.

On this day, couples exchange beautiful roses with each other. Roses are a symbol of love. In this way, they share roses with each other on the rose day. We celebrate this special rose day on 7th February. 


valentine day list


On the proposed day, lovers can go to their crush and express their feelings. Propose Day is the day to propose to your crush or girlfriend to be your Valentine. It has been marked as the day of the offer since people are free to propose with roses or rings and the proposed person may refuse it but it should not feel any harsh feeling, so it becomes a day of the fearless proposal.

Open your heart to this day and propose to her that 8th February has been marked for the day.


valentine day list


Who doesn’t love chocolate? Some people call it sweet, while others say it is an expression of their love and admiration. 

Go, humiliate your loved ones and show them how sweet their life has been with you. Chocolate day is a day where you celebrate by sharing chocolates with each other. Chocolates are meant to bring sweetness into your relationship. In most cases, heart-shaped chocolates are gifted to crush or gf on this day.

Chocolates are for love, and how chocolates can’t find a special place in Valentine’s Week. Send chocolates to improve the mood of your loved ones and spread love. February 9th is marked for the day.


valentine day list


Teddy bears are beautiful. Don’t they? The love season celebrates the adorable passion in the relationship with the teddy gift. Bring a smile to the face of your loved one with a teddy gift, above all the smallest treasure like these makes life memorable.

The girls love Teddy more than anything in the world. The soft, as well as sweet teddy, is the weak point of any girl. So, these days, lovers give cute and beautiful teddy bears with gifts. Teddy bears are the most beautiful and most famous soft toys every girl loves. Give your daughter a soft teddy gift, which will always remind her of you.


valentine day list


In the perfect valentine’s day contest, the most significant day is promise day which is celebrated on 11th February. Make time to make a wish to your special person with a sincere commitment that not only touches their heart emotionally but also unleashes the strength of your relationship.

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To make sure you are able to make it happen, be realistic. Commitment is the easiest thing to do, but keeping it is the hardest thing. The reason behind this day of love week. On this day, lovers make promises to each other, which can bring happiness in their relationship.

February 11 is promise day. Together with the day of promise, it is often marked by the giving of gifts. Always make realistic promises that you can keep with a pure heart, as well as God will be with you.


valentine day list


February 12 is celebrated as hug day. This is what hugs and cuddles should stand for warmth and relationship. Celebrate your love for each other perfectly with a special hug in your way. Feel love, care, and appreciation for him or her.

A hug can bring instant happiness in one’s life. Hugs given by a loved one help to forget any sadness and frustration. On this day, lovers forget their sorrows and embrace each other to express their love for each other.


valentine day list


Celebrated on february 13, the golden rule of kiss day is kissing make-up. Whether it’s a quarrel or a misunderstanding, a kiss on the cheek or a full-blown kiss stands out for comfort, warmth, and togetherness. What the name implies is kiss day.

A kiss is one of the sweetest ways to show love to your partner. On this special kiss day, lovers kiss each other to express their love and care. February 13 is kiss day, a golden day for kisses and makeup. Don’t forget to kiss her forehead too, as it implies care and responsibility. And ladies, you can drown and completely surprise your partner by showering a hot, wet kiss directly on her lips.


valentine day list


Call it the sweet day of love, the day of love is February 14th literally and figuratively get creative and show your love for someone special and make it memorable year after year. Happy valentines day is what many people are looking for Valentine’s Day is the last day of Valentine’s Week 2020 and is celebrated on February 14 every year. Celebrated on February 14, it is a special day, dedicated to love! Create a schedule to enjoy your partner’s company.

This day marks the end of Love Week, and most lovers express their love for each other and fall in love with their partners.

The best week of the year, love week or love week. The week will start on 7th February and end on 14th February. The week of love begins with Rose Day then ends with Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and Happy Valentine Day. If you want to make your partner feel more special you can buy some amazing valentines gifts for him

Can you believe, the whole week of Valentine’s Day is dedicated to the celebration of love, the end of the biggest day of the celebration of love, Valentine’s Day! Take a look at the following:

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Rose Day: Sunday, February 7th, 2021

Propose Day: Monday, February 8th, 2021

Chocolate Day: Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

Teddy Day: Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

Promise Day: Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Hug Day: Friday, February 12th, 2021

Kiss Day: Saturday, February 13th, 2021

Valentine’s Day: Sunday, February 14th, 2021. 

If you haven’t lived under a rock since you were born, you must know the significance of February for lovers around the world. This is the month of love as well as celebration. We have a whole week where couples around the world exchange gifts and flowers and chocolates and shower each other with absolute love and affection.

If you haven’t lived under a rock since you were born, you must know the significance of February for lovers around the world. We have a whole week where couples around the world exchange gifts and flowers and chocolates and shower each other with absolute love and affection.

valentine day list


It’s called Love Week! Starting with February Rose Day every year in February, it peaks with Valentine’s Day on February 14. The connection of love and romance with the month of February begins with the ancient pagan festival of Lupercalia celebrated in the city of Rome from 13 to 15 February. 

Worldwide, couples personally celebrate this fashion. Heading, staying inside, going out of town, dinner date, morning walk; Here are a few ideas for your valentine’s day date, including your better half. Around the corner of valentine’s day, couples have already started planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their better part. In addition to the special day, the week that leads to it is also worth celebrating. 

We celebrate valentine’s day with love and companionship. Named after a mysterious saint, Valentine’s Day tradition traces its origins to a Roman Festival known as Lupercalia. It’s February the month of love when people around the world look forward to spending time with their loved ones. Are you planning for your perfect date? You can give a gift to your partner, creating a beautiful romantic set up. These are some of the ways that people express their love with their love.  However, there is more to the day of sacrificing love than meeting the eyes.

Happy valentine’s day 2021 celebrates love and companionship. Celebrations begin a week before Rose Day when people express their love for each other with roses. Lovers pop the question after it follows the day of the proposal. Then comes Chocolate Day after Teddy Day when chocolate, as well as a teddy bear, are exchanged as a symbol of true love. The next two days are celebrated as Hug Day and the special Kiss Day. Spend your valentine’s week with some amazing gifts and make your partner feel more special. Valentine’s day event will continue until the end of the month of February. So You can go through some online sites to shop for some special gifts for your love

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