Best Tips to Purchase a Beautiful Scarf

Purchase a Beautiful Scarf

With winter here with us, we’ve decided to find out more about one of the underrated men’s clothing, the scarf. If you still put on the knitted effort your mother gave you during your birthday, then we salute you. However, if you need to have a complete custom-tailored look, then you should check and follow the advice below.

Pick the Right Fabric

Purchase a Beautiful Scarf


Such a decision can be a personal one since some people don’t like the feel of some fabrics. But apart from your itchy neck, the vital issue you have to factor in here is the climate. The scarf is meant to keep you warm so choose one that will serve this purpose but it should not make you sweat. For example, Winter in Sydney is somehow mild compared to one in London, therefore a lighter scarf weave that’s not bulky would be perfect for a cold day.

The most common fabrics include:







Synthetic Materials.

We would pick the cashmere or wool for keeping you toasty and preserve the silk to be used for formal occasions. Take a look at Lona Scott Lambswool Tartan Scarf Royal Stewart for a classic choice. Linen is likely to be considered as a summer scarf that many put on for affectation and the less spoken of scarves made of synthetic materials, the better.

Choose a Proper Length

Purchase a Beautiful Scarf


Just like you’d pick a longer jacket if you’re tall, also pick a scarf whose length is proportionate to your height. A shorter man may look funny on a very long scarf, so for the sake of style, the length does matter a lot.

Most scarves have a length of between 50 and 90 inches, so you’ve got an allowance of this. For shorter frames, if a scarf hangs just under your waist while untied, then that’s a good one and has the advantage of adding height.

The width usually falls between 6 and 14 inches, and once more this must be aligned with the shape of your body. A very narrow scarf will make a large body appear larger, whereas wider scarves will take over the chest area of a slimmer man. So the wider a man is, the wider the scarf needs to be.

Pick Colors That Match Your Daily Look

Purchase a Beautiful Scarf


It’s not written anywhere that a man must have a single scarf in his wardrobe, so it’s wise that you purchase a few that will match your outfits.

Fine, we made up the last one. Patterns like stripes are incredible but don’t let them overpower or become the focal point of your look, and since you’ll take them off at one time or another, your outfit may look somehow flat while they’re missing.

Now, although these are just basic tips, you understand the idea that a scarf is an essential accessory that keeps your body warm, yet this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look good. Once you’ve come up with your scarf collection, you should now learn how to tie these superb cashmere and woolen goodies. Take a look at these ideas on how to tie a scarf in six different ways. Don’t forget that you have got a chance to ask any questions you have about the information you find at Live Enhanced. All you need to do is get into the showroom for a chat, and we’ll listen to you, and give answers to all your queries.

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