5 Essential Selfcare Items For The Summer

Summer is undoubtedly one of the most taxing seasons of the year. Not only does it take a toll on your health, but taking care of yourself becomes more of a task. 

Now we don’t just mean keeping yourself cool or drinking enough water, but more so about taking care of your hygiene and practicing self-care. During the summer, we tend to sweat a lot, which can lead to a variety of problems if you’re not strict about your cleaning rituals. On top of that, the sun is also harsher, which means that you must take better care of your skin. 

However, taking care of yourself during the summer doesn’t have to be a hard task. All you need are a few essentials and you’re set! Here’s a Live Enhanced explore the list of 5 essential self-care products that are a must for the hot months. 


There’s no way we’re creating a summer essentials list without including sunscreen. SPF is a must not only for summer but for every day of the year. Sunlight, which contains UV rays can be very harmful to the skin, and lead to increased aging as well as skin cancer. Hence, applying sunscreen is impertinent for everyone all around the year. However, during the summers it becomes even more important since the sun is stronger. You can find two main types of sunscreen: physical sunscreens, which rest on top of the skin and act as a barrier, and chemical sunscreens which get absorbed into the skin and provide sun protection from within. 

Essential Selfcare Items For The Summer 

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Summer means sweat, and sweat means to stink. Body odor is a major problem for all during the summers.  The right kind of deodorant for the summer is a must. Nowadays, thankfully, deodorant has moved past those cloying, highly fragrant but barely lasting scents. Instead there is a large number of great brands that make excellent deodorants and antiperspirants in a range of scents that are subtle yet long-lasting, and have paraben-free formulations. For more ideas about the kind of deodorants you can buy, why not take a look at the deodorant advisor

Aloe Vera Gel 

Essential Selfcare Items For The Summer

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From relieving you of itchy, red sunburns to calming insect bites, to providing cooling on those hot days when your skin is acting up, aloe vera gel can do it all. It’s truly nothing short of a miracle substance! Aloe gel is an absolute must-have for the summer months, whether it’s on your bathroom shelf or in your beach bag. Many people prefer to use natural aloe vera directly from the plant, but first off, you’re not going to always get that, and secondly, aloe gel straight from the plant can be irritating for some. 

Ice Roller 

Essential Selfcare Items For The Summer

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Ever heard of this before? No? Well, let us introduce you. Ice rollers are facial massage tools that help promote blood circulation, loosen muscle knots, and improve facial structure, amongst many other benefits. They’re also referred to as jade rollers, or quartz rollers, based on what they’re made of. Ice rollers can be placed in the fridge, and when you’re back home after being out in the sun all day, and your skin feels dry and taught, an ice roller massage can be highly rejuvenating. All you have to do is roll the tool across your face, and feel skin as well as muscle inflammation, reduce. 

Moisturizing Lip Balm 

Essential Selfcare Items For The Summer

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Chapped lips are not only unattractive and unappealing, but they can be painful as well! During the summer your lips have a higher chance of getting chapped, which means it’s important to take proper care of them as well. A moisturizing lip balm is essential for summer, especially those that have added SPF for protection from UV rays. Here’s a pro tip: This summer, opt-out of colors and instead go for nourishing clear lip-balms that have plenty of softening and nourishing ingredients.

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