Here’s Everything You Must Know Before Getting Eye-Brow Tinting Done!

Eye-Brow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is a procedure in which a semi-permanent dye is applied to the brows to form and identify them. Unlike micro-needling, which involves tattooing teeny-tiny hairs onto your eyes, eyebrow staining focuses on highlighting your natural eyebrows.

The procedure takes about 10 to 15 minutes in a salon, but this will take a little longer if you do it at home. When you have a quality brow tint, you should ask the specialist to prepare the dye specifically for you. 

If you are making an at-home brow tint, use the hue nearest to your eyebrow arch color and be mindful of how long you have the solution because the more it stays, the deeper it will get.

What are the benefits of eyebrow tinting?

Eye-Brow Tinting


“The greatest advantage is that you do not have to fill up your brows, which cuts down on morning preparation time. Normal, full brows offer the face a more youthful appearance. The thicker your brow, the younger you look.

Microblading the eyebrow produces similar effects, but it is far more costly and uncomfortable than brow tinting. If you really want broader brows for your face, tinting is a must-have operation. Every brow is loaded with smooth, fine vellus hair that, when colored, can immediately give the appearance of a deeper, thicker eyebrow.

Brow tinting may bring length to the bottom of a brow, in which the hairs appear to be darker and smoother, in addition to giving texture and depth to a look. The tint gradually fades away over three to four weeks, so you would not have to think about a sloppy grow-out time as you will for hair dye.

Is eyebrow tinting safe?

Despite the fact that it is a hugely successful procedure, the FDA has not authorized any eyebrow-dye formulations due to the possibility of “eye injury.”

Because it is easily available, it does not mean you do not know what formulation your professional is working with! These days, vegetable-based and organic pigments are quite much the benchmark.

So, before you schedule an appointment for a brow stain, do not be afraid to ask the professional a series of doubts about the stain they are going to use. If something in the formulation sounds wrong or suspicious, you can postpone your appointment immediately.

What eyebrow tinting is all about?

Eye-Brow Tinting


Eyebrow tinting is suitable for all skin shapes, shades, and hair colors. The method is a bit more difficult if you are looking to tint grey or white hair. Please ensure you go to someone who is skilled at tinting brows and does so often. Since grey hair is more reactive and persistent, you may need to tweak the technique a little.

What is the process of eyebrow tinting?

A typical session costs between $35 and $40 and lasts about 15 minutes. You will then meet with a professional to decide how complete and organic you need your brows to be.

The expert would then prepare the area by washing the brows and spreading a thin coating of petroleum jelly over them to avoid any streaks of the skin. The dye is then gently combined and spread, first in the context of the growth of your eyebrow hairs, then in a reverse way.

To get the best color, leave the pigment on for a few moments before wiping away any residue with a wet paper towel. When you see dye on the skin below your brows, do not be frightened.

Within a couple of days, it should wash away. It is a smart idea to have your first appointment on a Friday so you can monitor your progress over the weekend.

What are the protective barriers we should keep in mind?

Eye-Brow Tinting


After the procedure, you can stop making your brows damp for 12 hours and scrub all around the area with gel or cream-based exfoliators. Your brows will immediately stand out and seem broader.

You should reduce the number of brow items you use in your makeup routine. It takes three to six weeks for the tint to wear off. Touch-ups can be performed every four to six weeks to keep the shade vibrant.

Often, stop exfoliating or using oil-based products in that region so the tint can’t disappear quickly. Retinoids and retinol, for example, can be avoided because they will frustrate the thin brow skin even more.

It is good to apply a thin coat of Vaseline or Aquaphor to the skin surface as a safety shield between the pigment and the skin. Castor or almond oil should be used on the brows as a protective shield and to keep the tint safe from disappearing.


It does not have to be so difficult to achieve fuller eyelashes. There have been plenty of choices for creating thicker brows straight from your vanities, from trusted brow pencils to brow-growing serums.

However, eyebrow tinting is yet another choice if you want something that will last longer. We completely understand if the possibility of an allergic response makes you hesitant to stain your brows. However, if you are allergy-free and searching for a longer-term option to fill in and fluff up the shape of your brows, tinting is a must-try. 

We have stated all the things you must consider before choosing for brow tinting, and if everything seems fine, it is one of the most effective treatments to achieve fuller eyebrows. 

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