20+ Interior Designs Inspired By Copper

Copper interior

Copper is an excellent metal for both exterior and interior decorating. Copper interior for home decorations, lighting features, and paint colours combine orange and pink colour hues and can be easily coordinated with current interior design and decorating.

Since copper has antibacterial qualities, it is used in the manufacture of kitchen countertops, bathroom and kitchen sinks, door handles, and utensils. The copper interior is ideal for contemporary bathroom and kitchen projects. The simplest way to integrate copper into contemporary interior design is to use small home decorations and copper accessories. Copper paint shades and copper-coloured decorating materials are another excellent way to bring majestic copper colours into homes.

Copper home decor has been also popular with designers and bloggers since 2012, and it is still popular in 2016. Adding a copper accent interior to your home is a brilliant way to instantly add comfort, charm, and rustic glam to your decor. There is an inspiring way to integrate copper into your life, from light fixtures to walls to Mule mugs, copper stone interiors to copper leaf interiors! We have collected 20+ sleek copper interior design ideas that will undoubtedly enhance the look of your house.

Copper Mirror On the Wall

Copper interior

source: nativetrailshome.com

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the greatest decor of them all? Copper lovers for sure. A copper-framed mirror is a great and inexpensive way to bring a little glow to the wall. This round nautical mirror looks great as a standalone piece or paired with other artwork on a gallery wall.

Copper Vanity Bowl

If you’ve been looking for ways to make your own copper vanity bowls but haven’t gotten around to it yet, now is the moment. Spray copper paint on a simple bowl and your easy-to-make and stunning vanity bowls are ready. It’s incredible what a little metallic paint can do to help turn a bowl!

Copper Freeze Magnets

We’ve all seen the vibrant colouring magnets as kids. Every day, a new message will be written on the fridge using the letters available. Why not replace those richly colored letters with copper ones? You can now convert your magnetic fridge letters with only copper spray. Elegant and trendy!

Copper Coaster Mat 

These elegant drinks mat not only save your surfaces from watermarks, but they also add a splash of colour to your dinner table. If it’s a romantic dinner for two, a summer barbecue, or a birthday bash, these chic mats are a must-have for every reason. Choose colours that highlight the theme of the event, whether it’s a sophisticated copper look or a bright yellow.

Rustic Coffee Table 

Copper interior

source: bigcommerce.com

Who said the coffee table needs to be used just for coffee? This is a simple and clever way to add copper into your house, with an artful look that’s perfect for staging centrepieces and serving cocktail party appetisers.

Copper Salt Pepper Set

When you’re passionate about decorating, every detail of your home is carefully planned. Nothing happens on its own accord! Why settle for bland and unappealing salt shakers when you can make your own? These chic copper salt and pepper shakers are available for purchase – since, after all, cooking can be achieved with a certain amount of elegance, right?

Copper Photo Frames

Is it just us, or does anybody else waste hours hunting for the right frame? It’s time to bring an end! Look no further if you want a frame that will enhance the beauty of every photograph while still contributing to the perfect copper interior design of your house. With these picture-perfect copper frames, a copper spray can dazzle you!

Jewels Display 

If you don’t already have a jewellery display, now is the time to get one! While you’re at it, use the diy direction to bless your home with some cool copper vibes. It will also enhance the appearance of your most informal jewels! 

Copper Vase

Copper interior

source: dwell.com

Vases are still on the list! They can keep our roses, markers, brushes, and everything else we can think of! Since we depend on them so much, it’s critical that they look the part! The copper spray ensures that your vase looks fantastic – copper design above everything else!

Copper Candle 

These copper votive candles are a work of art. You can use them as extra decoration in your home to add a touch of beauty, and thanks to their super-cheap simplicity, you can use this guide to make a lot of them and give them as Christmas gifts!

Tik-Tok Copper Clock 

Copper is absolutely stunning! If you’re still on the fence, you might try adding a really tiny coppery detail. This DIY has a great project for this; it just has a tiny part in copper made from copper tape, but it’s enough to make the whole clock style stand out!

Copper Floor Lamp 

From floor lamps to ornate ceiling fixtures, lighting is a simple way to incorporate copper into the interior design. Experiment with different shapes, such as wireframing, square domes, and antique details. 

Copper Cart 

There’s nothing more opulent than getting your own food & drinks cart, unless it’s a copper cart. Fill it with the most beautiful plates of delicious cuisine and your most elegant themed glasses.

Copper Coded Telephone 

This shiny copper phone is the ideal decoration and conversation starter for a corridor or living room, even though you haven’t used a house phone in years.

Copper Tea-pot

Copper interior

source: shopify.com

The hammered texture and satin finish of this copper-plated kettle give a stylish metallic glint to the stovetop. Its stainless steel structure aids heat transfer and preservation, meaning you can help yourself to a few cups without worrying about the vessel overheating.

Copper-Glass Jar 

These slim glass jars are ideal for holding often-used dry foods on the table, such as spaghetti, rice, and tea. Their screw-top lids have a copper finish and keep the contents airtight.

Copper Spice Grinder

Copper isn’t the best material for preserving salt because it turns green over time. Pepper, on the other hand, is fair game! With its embossed floral highlights, this Greek-made copper-and-brass pepper mill grinds peppercorns or other spices to the perfect granularity and serves as the crown jewel of the dinner table.

Copper Fruit Basket 

Let your fruits-veggies hang in those iron mesh baskets to make your family feel easier to munch. The electroplated copper finish elevates the look of this modern farmhouse accent piece.

Copper Tea Mug

We’d be really neglectful not to incorporate one of these rose-shaded glasses! These 16-ounce Moscow mule mugs made of pure copper with a nickel lining and brass handle will add a shiny touch to your kitchen countertops or dinner table. 

Copper Shaker

Copper interior

source: bigcommerce.com

This pineapple-shaped cocktail shaker with its beautiful rosy-copper style has us swooning. It functions as a kitchen art item with hidden shaker features, from the end of the leaves to the diamond embossing on the outside. 

Copper Cooking Set

This luxury cookware range is a true standout in terms of shape and feature, and it’s perfect for more experienced chefs. The genuine copper build heats and cooks fairly, but users caution that this is not a nonstick set so more oil and butter would be needed to keep food from sticking. Although the hammered-copper exterior does take some daily polishing to keep it in top condition, it’s well worth it if you’re showcasing your precious collection on a wire pot rack to keep your kitchen looking like a five-star bistro all of the time.

Copper Sink 

A drop-in copper sink is a perfect way to introduce copper into your kitchen in a pleasant way. Copper has inherent antimicrobial properties that stainless steel sinks lack, making it an excellent option for those of us who want to soak fruits and vegetables in the sink!

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